Welcome to It’s a Dailey Life!

Summer time is busy here on our mountain. We have our garden and we are still trying to finish up a few school subjects we didn’t quite finish during the regular school year. And then there’s the canning, because if you have a garden, chances are you will need to preserve what you’ve grown. Add to that mix seven still-at-home children (the oldest is grown and moved away) age 22 years down to 20 months, two dogs, two cats, and a wide variety of family activities….and it’s a recipe for a very busy season.

My very dear husband, the love of my life and amazing Daddy to all our children, lost his job this week. It is the first time in seventeen years of marriage that we have been unemployed. Losing one’s job when the economy is in the tank (sorry nightly newscasters, we don’t believe you when you tell us all is well) is not something that inspires you to think easy times are right ahead. The reality is that we are in a lean season.

We are not destitute, we are not despairing, we are not worried beyond measure. We know that God will use this time to stretch us and to grow our relationships–both with Him and within our family. Our garden is producing a bumper crop of beans and potatoes….squash and tomatoes are just days from coming in. We see God’s provision for our winter in every quart of beans we can. The berries are full and ripening fast, the peach tree is loaded, and we actually have a few apples this year. We will not starve. The upside of my husband’s unemployment is that he has been an incredible help both in the garden and with our littlest boys (both of whom ADORE their Daddy!) We see God’s hand and love in every moment of every day. Lean times are not necessarily bad times.

God’s mercy toward us has been so very great. I hope over the next few months to give you a glimpse of those things through which the Lord has guided and carried us. We are blessed beyond measure, even without a job!

It is truly a daily adventure…and it is our Dailey life!

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5 Responses to Welcome to It’s a Dailey Life!

  1. Victoria Williams says:

    Lovely. So rich.


  2. mom24and7 says:

    Loved your blog. Read every word. 🙂


  3. Diane says:

    So glad you have joined the blog world. You can visit us at http://www.cabininthewoods-diane.blogspot.com.


  4. I’m assuming this is Andrea writing this. This is Melanie from GAP. I saw the blog address on one of the kids facebook (I forgot which one now…lol). Anyway, I’m sorry to hear this! I know Wendall said he was worried about that at first GAP, sorry to hear it actually happened. I know everything will work out, and I know you do too, but I will pray for you guys!


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