Appearances Can Be Deceiving

We picked two watermelons out of our garden last week. They were beautiful on the outside…dark green with yellow bellies. We planted  a Moon and Stars variety, and the yellow moons and stars speckling the surface were really pretty. They sounded nice and hollow when we tapped them, and they were quite heavy for their size. We were sure they were winners.

We were wrong. We cut the first one almost as soon as we got home. The children all gathered around while the oldest one wielded the butcher knife. As she cut into the flesh, all of them were salivating as they anticipated that first, sweet, juicy bite of home-grown watermelon. What a disappointment to find that the inside was just as white as white could be–not even a hint of pink. They tried it anyway, and one or two of my children claimed it was good. I think that had more to do with their hard work in planting, weeding and harvesting than it did the actual melon. No-one complained of a belly ache, although I am sure there had to have been some of that after eating a completely unripe watermelon!

I was reminded that I have been like that melon…looking all spiritual and “good” on the outside while completely undone inside. I am so thankful that the Lord has been healing me on the inside.  As I learn to live in line with the Gospel, as I shed my legalisms and work-based righteousness, as I learn to lean more and more on Jesus and Him alone, I am becoming more and more like a ripe melon.  The outside may or may not look good, but the inside–that is where it matters. I know one day the Lord will have perfected His work in me. He has a long way to go, for sure, but I believe His promise to complete the work He started.

I don’t know how long it will take for our melons to get ripe. I do know that when their time is completed, they will be perfect to us. And really, it doesn’t matter how pretty or not they are on the outside–all we really want is to eat that perfect pink flesh when they are ripe.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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