I promised you an update now and again on some of the things we’ve been doing around here. I am so very happy to report that I have lost 49 1/2 inches since beginning my T-Tapp exercises in May. I was able to put on a pair of pants three sizes smaller than what I was wearing. That sure does explain why my other pants feel so loose! I wish I could report a weight drop for you, but my scale literally was dropped and no longer works properly. We were all dismayed to discover we had gained about 12 pounds overnight until we realized that the scale was not functioning properly. I’ll take the inches over the pounds any day.  I suppose I should order a new scale….or maybe I’ll just get some new pants instead.

Our watermelons are coming along.  Our fifteen-year old is the self-appointed caretaker of the watermelon patch. She has been a bit too eager to pick them, but we did enjoy one nicely ripe watermelon. She dropped it on the way to the car, and they devoured half of it before they made it home. It was a delicious tragedy.  We have had two semi-ripe watermelons since then. Apparently watermelon-picking is a science. There are still a bunch in the patch, and we are hoping to figure out just when those suckers are ripe!

My canning has taken on epic proportions of our lives. So far we have canned about 220 quarts of beans, 70 quarts of potatoes, 50 quarts of squash, 14 quarts of carrots, 4 quarts of beets, 10 quarts of corn, 21 quarts of peach slices, 101 jars of jam, 12 quarts of soup, 7 jars of pickle relish, and 42 quarts of tomatoes. We’ve also frozen 20 quarts of corn. We have put up over 570  jars of food! The tomatoes and corn are still coming in, as are the bell peppers. The okra just started; I am so glad we limited ourselves to two rows of okra! My husband is the only one who likes it boiled, and there is only so much fried okra we can eat.  We will continue putting up tomatoes and soup as needed, and we will freeze our corn and peppers. It is such a great feeling to know that we will eat well this fall and winter! Just don’t ask me what I will do with all those empty jars when the food is all gone.  Those will be fun to store. Not.

I was so relieved that we had no canning to do over the weekend. I was actually able to clean my bedroom and bathroom all at one time for the first time since May. It is a joyous thing to have your toilet, bathtub, sink AND floor all clean at the same time. They have all been cleaned since May (there are limits to the amount of nastiness I can stand, after all!) but not all at the same time.  I sincerely hope that the canning will wind down so we can actually get our home back into order. It has been a very busy summer!

We are preparing for our vacation later this month. We are all excited about having a week away. I’ve been spending my night-time computer hours scoping out the best activities in St. Augustine. I have our list narrowed down–of course we will spend a good bit of time on the beach. St. Augustine is a homeschooler’s dream vacation. There are so many historical things to do there. We will be counting some of it as school–what a great field trip!  Our oldest daughter will be house-sitting for us while we are gone. She recently moved into a house with her best friend. She was gracious enough to agree to come and care for our animals while we are away. I wonder if being able to drive her Daddy’s car while we are gone had anything to do with her decision?

I am gearing up for our school year. It seems the last one has not ended yet, but indeed, it has. I still have some year-end reports to write and some loose ends to wrap up. We have the girls’ outside classes pretty much planned, and it looks like a very busy year ahead for us! I have ordered all my curriculum with the exception of some math we will need after the first of the year–I will wait to order that until we have some tax money back.  I get dizzy just thinking about all the classes my girls are taking: Spanish, chemistry, speech writing and public speaking, essay writing, piano, guitar, choir, archery. The mom taxi will be in full service every afternoon. We also have all the courses we will do here: math, literature, history, government, language arts, etc.  I have a feeling I will be ready for Christmas break this year!

My husband is still unemployed, but he is catching up on his mile-long honey-do list. He hasn’t had much time to tackle some of the things around here that will take major amounts of time. There is a bathroom remodel in the works. We have only had one working tub for about seven years–it will be so nice to have two working tubs again! Part of that plan includes making the bathroom larger…we will be stealing space from the laundry room to do that. With four girls still in the house, they need a larger bathroom!

So that is where we are….still losing weight, still canning, still battling the house, still gainfully unemployed, still homeschooling.  God is good to us–more than we could ever imagine or think or earn. He continually reminds me that we are  living in His grace…there is no way we could be doing all this on our own strength!

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One Response to Updates….

  1. Diane says:

    When we first got married we lived 30 minutes from St. Augustine and visited often. The old town is my absolute favorite. Also wanted to let you know that drama is going to happen probably on Tuesday afternoons with a second day to be scheduled to add more practices. Hope your girls can still be involved. I think the choices have been narrowed down to Aladdin or Robin Hood.


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