It never fails

We have been without our computer for a week now. It is amazing how dependent upon our electronic communication and media we have become. It has been a rather strange feeling to not know what was happening in my little corner of cyber-space. Our main computer is still in the shop–we knew it wasn’t a good sign when it refused to run disk defrag because the disk was too full. Hopefully our computer geek guy can fix it.

Today my husband came home from visiting his parents. He brought with him a new toy–a laptop. His mother is very generous, and I certainly appreciate her largess. It is our family’s first laptop–and he made sure to let me know that it is HIS computer. You can see how he is using his computer while I sit here and type. I do vaguely remember something about what was his was mine and what was mine was mine his.  He can have it back when my computer is out of the shop.

We have not traveled away from home overnight in about three years. We used to have a family joke that whenever we traveled, we always got sick, usually with some kind of nasty stomach bug.  The last two times we went to see our good friends, the Browns, we all came down with horrible stomach bugs either in the car or once we were there. Twelve vomiting children with two pregnant (and morning sick) mommas is not a pretty sight. When we used to travel to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, we pretty much knew that we would be in for some sick children at some point. It was just a given: travel = sickness.

As we have approached our grand vacation, we knew that we needed to be careful. I have my prayer warriors praying especially for good health. Yesterday our 15 year old came to me and told me that she didn’t feel so well. I told her I forbade her to be sick and I loaded her up with echinacea,  goldenseal, cayenne and garlic. Not only did she smell pretty, but she felt better this morning.  This morning our littlest one woke up with an upset tummy. He seemed better today, although he did take a long nap. And this evening, my dear husband came to me and said that his throat hurts and he feels feverish. He got the echinacea, goldenseal, cayenne and garlic treatment–and he will get the same regiment in just a bit again. We are not going to be sick on  this vacation!!  I fear, though, that we are doomed. It never fails. Sigh.

I will update you on our vacation, because, yes, even if we are sick, we are going on vacation! Our house sitter is here, the dogs will  be staying home (after much thought and deliberation–the great dane needs the van to herself, and that was not an option traveling with the family), and the medicine and first aid kit is packed and ready to go. Our food is all organized and either in the van or ready to be loaded into the coolers, and the suitcases are loaded. Forget the flood or high water–come sickness or even vomiting—we are leaving in the morning! Pray for us; I have a feeling we will need it!


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