Back in the saddle again

It is has been so long since I last posted–the last time was while on vacation. And what a blessing our vacation was! We were able to sneak in several days of educational fun and we had a wonderful, blessed time of play and rest as a family. It was exactly what we needed. It’s funny how you don’t know what you’re missing until you partake….sometimes you realize that what you’ve been missing is not all that great. (Alcohol comes to mind, not that I would have ever had any experience with that. Ahem. Okay, perhaps a little in my younger, more stupid days.) And sometimes you realize that you have really missed out! Vacation was a revelation for us. We are not waiting a decade for our next one!

We are back to our regularly scheduled life here on the mountain. It is almost autumn, and the garden is, thankfully, about finished. The remains of tropical storm Lee are just making their way through, so there may be new life down there in the garden. We are still picking okra and tomatoes–just enough to keep us eating fresh produce during the week. Our next preserving adventure will be grape jam and applesauce. We don’t have either of those, although the girls will pick the grapes from a neighbor’s arbor. Our apple trees have not produced for a few years now. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we know next to nothing about pruning. We have a friend who knows all about that aspect of growing food, though, and I suspect that once he lends us his expertise our apple situation will be different next year. But I digress. Applesauce is our next big endeavor, and then we are finished with the produce except for eating the fruits of our labor. A trip to the orchard is forthcoming.

School has started here on our mountain. And with it the dilemma of every mom who has ever homeschooled with toddlers in the house: how to keep the little ones undestructively (yes, that is my made-up word) occupied while mom is busy with lessons. Our youngest child is a challenge in this regard–he is too smart for his own good and gets into everything. Today it was the litter box–clean thankfully! He found the litter made a great thing to throw. Perhaps it reminded him of the beach. I suppose I should be grateful to have a healthy, inquisitive toddler, but as my Handy Man always says, “when they’re born you count their fingers and toes, and by the time they’re two, you wish they didn’t have arms or legs!”

We have taken our time getting back into the school routine, but this week we are back to the early mornings, keeping it solid through the day, pressing on to finish all our work. We started our outside classes two weeks ago and music lessons start back this week. I am very thankful for the Handy Man; this morning he kept the boys occupied watching PBS on the laptop in our bedroom while I read history with the girls. Just a bit ago he took the girls to their drama practice. I have to admit I rather enjoy having a few minutes to be able to write. I will miss him when he finds a job!

Yes, we are back! And blessed to be so.

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One Response to Back in the saddle again

  1. Diane says:

    We are enjoying the girls being in drama this year.


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