Falling off the weight loss wagon: a confession

Confession time: I have fallen off the wagon, but I am getting back up! I realized last week that I had not been exercising like I had meant to….oh, I had good intentions, but life seemed to snap me like a whip after vacation. As much fun as we had on vacation, and as much exercise as I got walking all over St. Augustine and playing in the ocean, I never once opened my T-Tapp while there. I figured once I got home, I would get right back into my routine. Alas, that did not happen quite how I thought it would. The first day home we spent unpacking and regrouping. And then SCHOOL! My older girls had classes Thursday and Friday, and then we had to preserve all the food the Handy Man picked out of the garden. Before I knew it, the weekend had passed and we were in full school mode.

School time here is very busy–we “do” school from about 8:30 until 3:00, with some time out for lunch and chores, and then we have activities every evening. Add to the mix a toddler who desperately needs potty training and all the needs of a house full of people, and exercise fell to the side–right out of that wagon!

I could use all this busy-ness as a reason to forsake my exercise program. It rationalizes out very nicely in my mind. Except that it is just that–a rationalization for wrong behavior. How easy it is to come up with excuses, but excuses don’t lead one to success. And I know it.

I mention my failure because it was an acute reminder to me that I cannot become complacent in my exercising. Nor can I allow excuses to reign over my agenda. And really, isn’t that the danger in all of the things that are of great worth in life? My spiritual life and growth, discipling our children, homeschooling, friendship–these are all things that come to mind when I think of things that require my diligence and attention. They are all things that suffer when I make excuses.

So the bad news is that I fell off the wagon. I gained back a few of the precious inches I had lost (not many, but even one is too many!) And now, I am back at my regularly planned exercise. I covenanted with myself that I would do five days in a row this week and go back to my regular schedule next week. I am two days in and I know that even though my bed is warm and snug early in the morning, even though I have a dozen things that scream for my attention every morning (my youngest children among them), even though sometimes my body just doesn’t want to work out, I can do this. I must. The alternative is to go back to where I was or stay where I am. And that is not acceptable.

So here I am, picking myself back up from the fall off the wagon. I thank Jesus that I don’t do this alone! He promised He would never leave or forsake me….and I know that his promise applied to my exercise as much as any other trial I will ever have in life. Whining toddlers come to mind. But that is a story for a different day.

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3 Responses to Falling off the weight loss wagon: a confession

  1. Kim Blachly says:

    I am not trying to be rude but have you thought of just eating healthy and exercise instead of doing what you are doing. Losing weight and keeping it off is more of a lifestyle change than anything else.


    • Actually, that is exactly what I am doing. I have lost nearly 50 inches so far….not dieting–just eating appropriately and exercising. It is all about the lifestyle of not turning to food for comfort, of learning self control and of exercising. T-Tapp is an amazing exercise program that yields super results because it focuses on muscle isolation and compound muscle movements. To have lost as much as I have–three pants sizes in four months–is not bad. It is the kind of weight loss that will stay off. But I know the reality is that I will have to exercise for the rest of my life in order to keep it off. And really, the exercise is not as hard as it may seem. At one time I was walking 3 miles four times a week. I never got the results doing that that I do with my 25 minute T-Tapp workout. My challenge is finding the time to do it….and that is where the commitment and excuses factor in. I cannot allow excuses, even the good ones regarding my schedule, keep from exercising.


    • Linda Williams says:



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