Lil’ Adventurer Bakes

Today Lil’ Adventurer told me he was making cookies. I foolishly asked him if he was serious. It should be obvious that any time any of my children announces their intention to bake, I should take it to mean that he or she is serious. Right now Sunshine is helping Lil’ Adventurer get the lunch mess cleaned up so they can make cookies. I am guessing Oatmeal cookies are on the agenda, but perhaps it will be the chocolate cookie recipe Little Princess invented last year. Other suggestions have been offered: sugar cookies (vetoed by Sunshine because they take too long), snicker doodles, no-bake cookies (also vetoed because Sunshine and Curly Sue argue just to argue and Curly Sue made the suggestion.)

Lil' Adventurer running the mixer

Ah, yes, oatmeal cookies prevail. The alarming lack of staples in my cupboard is a driving factor in today’s decision. But when the baking bug bites the three year old, it is good to take advantage of it. I am all for outsourcing kitchen jobs as much as possible. 😉

Lil’ Adventurer is not an accomplished baker like his oldest sisters are. Egg cracking is a challenge. Sunshine let him put the eggs in. Egg shells were optional. I like a little crunch in my cookies; do you?

Hmmm.....egg shells for crunch!

Missed one! Crunchy!

Baking with a three year old is basically doing it yourself with a lot more hassle involved. But that is okay, too. All my older children learned to bake and cook when they were young. They are now old enough to do it on their own, and they are passing the skills to their siblings. There is something really beautiful about that. I can only imagine how wonderful they will be when they are actually parents, many, many years in the future.

Lil’ Adventurer spent more time making interesting shapes from the dough. You can do a lot with a little oatmeal cookie dough and a vivid imagination. Hot dogs anyone? (His hands were clean–I promise. The lighting was weird.)

Even Curious George was interested….because Curious George is interested in just about anything we do. Except cleaning. He is usually not interested in cleaning.

Curious George wears his cookie dough

Notice that I am not too uptight about the eating raw eggs thing. Shoot me. I am old fashioned that way. I was pretty uptight about the whole raw eggs thing when my older children were toddlers. Poor babies…they missed out on lots of bowl licking. I got over my paranoia. Yes, I know people get sick from eating contaminated eggs. But since it is highly more likely that they would get sick from eating, say, raw spinach, or from playing in the dirt, we’ll go on enjoying our raw cookie dough tasting.

Each of my children excels at different things. Curly Sue is great at brownies and banana bread. Sunshine excels at cookies, especially snicker doodles. (The fact that her dog is named Snickers is entirely coincidental.) She also likes to make cheesecake. Dee makes an awesome chocolate chip cookie. Even Little Princess has her own specialty–her own recipe chocolate cookie. It gives me thrill to think of my children being skilled in culinary arts. Cooking from scratch is a lost art, one which I sincerely hope my children can master and pass to their children some day.

These cookies will be packed in lunches for the older girls who have classes in the next two days. They will also be snacks later today. The cupboard really is bare, and there are only so many pears any one child can eat. A trip to the store is in order tomorrow. I might even venture down to Sam’s Club because I really am out of a lot of my staple items: brown sugar, regular sugar, raisins, white flour (there are some flour applications that just don’t work with the whole-ground stuff), shredded cheese, sliced cheese, lunch meat, butter, toilet paper, trash bags, etc. It wouldn’t be worth a trip for any one of these items or even just a few of them, but for as much as we need, the gas cost is worth it.

They look pretty good, don’t they? Not bad for a little dude’s first baking attempt. (Help not counted.)

(This is the part where I apologize profusely for my lack of good lighting and focus. My little point and shoot camera is actually not working properly. It won’t let me adjust the focus. Plus, I am not the photographer in the house. That would be our eldest daughter who no longer lives at home because she is doing the whole single girl living with girl friends thing. I am not Pioneer Woman–and as much as I admire and love her website and food photography–I will never be Pioneer Woman. If you want to see some great food photography, or just great photography in general….heck, if you just want to see a pretty neat website…go to . And then come back and let me know you still love me. Thanks for listening.)

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