How you think really matters

I have been a fan of the Living Waters ministry for quite some time. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (yes, THAT Kirk Cameron, the one from Growing Pains) have this great ministry that teaches people how to evangelize. I always felt like I had this great truth to share, but no tools with which to do so. They provide the tools in the toolbox, and they are quite effective.

Recently, though, they have focused on another aspect of being a Christian, and that is confronting a culture–even among Christians–that is increasingly turning away from a worldview that honors and glorifies God. I never realized how we thought that the because we were Christians our children would be okay. The truth is that logical and Biblical thinking doesn’t happen just because we go to church twice a week. It is alarming how many people try to ride the fence on issues like abortion and other issues. I have heard it so many times: “Well, PERSONALLY, I am pro-life, but it would be wrong for me to tell anyone else what to do.”

Living Waters has done something about this. They have made a movie that shows why that thinking is wrong. I challenge my readers to watch it here.

This movie is profound. My children were shocked at how the people that were interviewed had so little idea of who Hitler was. This movie will open your eyes.

And whether your children are in public school or home-schooled, I beg you to please make sure your children understand some of the pivotal moments in history. We as a people do not need to forget what happened in the past. To paraphrase a wise saying, what we forget we are doomed to repeat. Perhaps it is too late…it does seem we are repeating certain aspects of history. On the other hand, maybe we are just in time to stem the tide of the modern holocaust. And maybe, just maybe, it is not too late for us to teach what a Biblical world view actually is. Perhaps it is not too late to train the modern mind how to think. It is up to us and our children. What will we do?

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