My children crack me up

This morning Lil’ Adventurer told me he was going to be a dog today. He said that we would have three dogs: Snickers, Mischief and him. I nodded and agreed like Mamas are supposed to do. Flash forward an hour and the girls and I were in the middle of our Bible reading when we heard scratching at the door. Our door has a full-length frosted glass panel, and I could see my Lil’ Adventurer pawing at the door to be let in. He came in walking on his hands a feet: clearly a dog was in our midst. Thankfully he decided to drink from a cup and not the dogs’ water bowl.

A little later Little Princess and I were engaged in a brutal game of letter-cluster Go Fish. She gets her game competitiveness from me (and I in turn get that from my mother) and she *LOVES* to win. Every game is sprinkled with phrases like, “I’ve got two more matches than you…I’m gonna WIN!” Today she begged me to play a third game and I drew the line because she had already creamed me twice we needed to move on to other lessons. She looked at me keenly and said, “Mama, I’ll let you win.” Oy Vey. Is that what it has come to? Can I only win against my six year old if she lets me?

The older girls thought it was hilarious when we were reading in our history about a man along on the Lewis and Clark expedition named Pat Gass. Apparently when I read quickly the “t” on Pat gets cut and sounds like an “s”. We had lentils for dinner last night. I will let you draw the appropriate…or not so appropriate…conclusions about the rest of their banter. Perhaps they all just need to be named Stinky.

Today we are finishing our pears. We have canned pear slices and pieces, yesterday we made pear mincemeat, and today we will make pear sauce as the pre-cursor for pear butter. Yum! Next up will be the three two and a half bushels of apples I have sitting in my living room. Applesauce is happening here by Friday. That is if the little people in my home don’t eat all the apples before then.

I am sure there will be more hilarity when we do the pears and apples. The Squeezo-Sraino does a great job of separating the flesh of the cooked fruit from the cores and skins.(Isn’t that a great name? Squeezo-Straino. The thing is probably close to 40 years old and my mom used it when I was a child to make applesauce.) The cores and skins come out of the chute in a stream that is reminiscent of, well, you know. Yeah. More potty humor coming my way.

Life here on the mountain is fun….not always in the expected ways, either. I am thankful that my children know how to laugh, even if it is sometimes at potty humor. That is so much better than living with an unhappy bunch of sour-pusses, even if I sometimes have to call a halt to the hilarity. That’s okay. They can think I’m an old fuddy-duddy. I know the truth. There was a time when potty humor was hilarious to me, too.

So now I will go make sure my puppy son has had enough to eat (why, I am not sure because he will be hungry again in a few minutes) and I might even see if Little Princess wants one more go at creaming old Mama at phonics games.

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