We had a winged visitor

Yesterday we were sitting around the table doing our school work when Starchild exclaimed, “A bird just flew down the hallway!” We love keeping the door open when the weather outside is beautiful, and yesterday was a beautiful day! The girls flew from the table to find the little critter–there are a number of doors down our hallway through which it could have flown–and finally spotted it in the boys’ room. The poor little bird was traumatized by all the attention and flew back to our living room where it got stuck in the windows above the wood stove. Dee finally captured the little critter by standing on tippy-toes on the wood stove.

Here is our little visitor. Notice the remnants of dust and spider webs on its little body. This would not have anything to do with the fact that we consider dusting the windows above the wood stove to be a once-a-year event. Or perhaps it would. Never mind. It was a cute little thing, wasn’t it?

It was a loud little thing. It squawked at us and let us know it was not at all happy to be held. Poor little creature, it probably didn’t have any idea it would end up in our house when it took off!

Since all of life’s moments provide fodder for our lifestyle of education, the girls did some research to find the identity of our little visitor. Appropriately enough, it was a house wren.

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