A full weekend, a date afternoon…and a great movie!

The Handy Man and I seldom get to go out on a date. When the older ones were little, we just didn’t have childcare. Now that we do have built-in childcare, our only excuse is the lack of disposable income. I know some people who do get to go out regularly for much needed spouse time. I have concluded that these people are independently wealthy have a better paying job, or have no morgage, or perhaps just have fewer children. Whatever the case may be, a date for the Handy Man and me is a pretty special occurrence.

A few weeks ago my good friend Gayle-Rae asked me if I knew about the new movie, Courageous, that was coming out. I knew about it, but did not actually know when it was to be released. She said her husband had asked her if she thought the Handy Man and I would be interested in a double date. Since I know they get to go out about as often as we do, it sounded like a special date for all of us.

The weekend shaped up to be jam-packed with activities. Friday night our homeschool group had our Fifth Friday Frolic for the ladies. We have a mom’s night out on the fifth Friday of any month with five Fridays and spend a nice evening chatting, laughing, eating, and, at times, praying–and if we are really on our toes, some of us bring a work project like knitting or scrapbooking. Hence the “frolic”. It is always a lot of fun. I got home from that at about 2:00 in the morning.

Saturday I had to have Dee and Sunshine/Starchild (you have voted in her name poll, haven’t you?) on location fairly early in a local town for the Big Red Apple Festival. They were helping their Spanish teacher with some marketing for her hand-made hair bow business. Sunshine/Starchild dressed as the Bow Fairy, complete with blue swirly cheeks, wings, and a head decorated with lots of hair bows. She was precious. Dee was the Bow Fairy chaser. It was great fun. They really love their Spanish teacher! (You can visit her bowtique here.)

After seeing my girls all dressed up and ready to go, I went to run a few errands before dashing home to get the Handy Man. We met our friends and had a nice lunch at a local Chinese Restaurant, and then we visited the local Habitat for Humanity Restore. I know that probably doesn’t count as a date for most folks, but for us, it was a treat! (Other variations of date nights may include a rollicking trip to Wal-Mart or Lowe’s, so the standard for us is set pretty low.) Then we went to the movie.

Courageous. All I can say is Go. See. It. The latest movie production from Sherwood Films, it had a great story line, good actions scenes, and lots of great humor. And it is a tear-jerker to boot. It was really a great movie–one I would have been pleased to have spent the money to see even if it hadn’t been made by a church! The fact that the cast was all volunteer and that the budget was just $1,000,000 is amazing. Our party of four was very glad to get to see it–and we were also very glad that our friend had pre-purchased tickets because every show for the whole weekend was completely sold out.

We left our friends at the end of the movie and went to collect our tired, sun-burned girls and hit the local Wal-Mart for a few things we needed. Then we headed home for a late dinner with Curly Sue/Gladys May and the boys. The Handy Man and I completely irritated the girls by quoting some of the funny lines from the movie. Strange how they hate it when we do that to them, especially considering how often they do it to us! I remembered the bread I had been asked to make for Sunday morning, so I got right to work on that, and we fell into bed around 1 AM.

Sunday dawned bright and sleepy. We got ourselves to church with everyone dressed and most of the hair combed. (7 out of 8 isn’t too bad, right? Little Princess spent so much time trying to find a dress with matching shoes that she neglected to get a brush all the way through her hair. I used to get upset about things like that, but I figure the folks at church love us as we are, so unbrushed hair is not that big a deal. At least she was wearing underwear. I have one child who used to not wear her underwear because they “felt funny”–underwear are sort of necessary undergarments when a little girl wears a dress.) We greeted our new preacher and his wife–a very nice couple we look forward to getting to know–and had a great church service.

Dee and Sunshine/Starchild had an invitation with another youth group to go see Courageous if there enough tickets. It turned out that they did have extra tickets for my girls, so I drove them to the theater. I thought I would see if there was another ticket for me–I really wanted to see it again! Gayle-Rae was also there with her daughter (it was their youth group) and she wanted to see the movie again, too. There were enough tickets for our group to get in with their youth group, and Gayle-Rae and I had a great time watching the movie a second time. The bonus was that I didn’t even have to pay for my ticket! A sweet older couple had one extra and they just gave it to me. The girls were happy to have context for the lines the Handy Man and I had been quoting, and we had a great discussion about some of the themes in the movie.

So, my weekend was full. FFF, two movies, a date, errands, Wal-Mart….my house is still dirty, but I did a lot!

If you get a chance this week, go see Courageous.

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One Response to A full weekend, a date afternoon…and a great movie!

  1. I LOVED LOVED LOVED reading your blog post about the weekend. Sounds like a PERFECT weekend! Love you.


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