Every Handy Man needs the right tools

We had a dilemma this week. Handy Man has been wanting to split the wood he and the girls gathered over the summer, but all the wood splitters he usually borrows are tied up because the people who own them are splitting their own wood for winter. (Imagine that!) Handy Man is not as young as he used to be, and swinging an ax is not something he can easily do anymore. The girls are going full-steam with school and activities, so they are not free to help much more than hauling the wood from the wood pile to the wood box on our porch.

The fact is that Handy Man has been coveting wood splitters for a long, long time. He would tear ads out of the sales papers and save them until the ad was long expired. He would look through his tool catalogs (the Handy Man equivalent of the Sears Wish Book) and linger lovingly on the pages of wood splitters. I suppose it was inevitable that Handy Man would get a wood splitter.

Today was his day. Today he went and purchased the wood splitter of his dreams. We all have to have dreams; they give us a goal for which to work. I am happy for the Handy Man. I hope this means many cords of wood stacked up for us to use all winter. Perhaps he could work it into a sideline business. Right now, though, he just has dreams of splitting all those huge logs at his father’s house into stove-sized pieces and forgoing the lifting of those huge logs onto the trailer for the journey home. I am thrilled for Handy Man. Somehow, though, I suspect this is not just a tool for him. It is also a new toy.

Now we just get to pay for the thing…but at least we will be secure in the knowledge that we can split our own wood in mass quantities anytime we need it.

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