Why I am pro-life, a perspective

I am not ashamed to say that I am pro-life. I am totally against abortion, even in cases of incest and rape. It is not that I have experienced that agony–and to be sure, a woman who carries a baby conceived in such horror does go through much agony–but that I am firmly convinced that a baby is baby from the moment that the sperm and egg meet. It isn’t as if killing an innocent baby is going to make that agony any better. I know a lot of women who have had abortions. Not one of them has gone unscathed by the consequences of ripping her child out of her womb. I know there are some women out there who would say that they had an abortion and don’t regret it. I personally do not know those women. The ones who talk freely are all sorrowful for the innocent lives they killed. But it isn’t as if abortion is the only choice for a woman facing an undesired pregnancy, even for the woman who has been raped.

I have a friend of great courage. She is a wife, a terrific mother, an inspiration to everyone who gets to know her. She has not had the easiest of lives. She made her bad choices and sinful choices, but she is also one of the most beautiful examples of God’s grace in action that I have ever seen. She was raped shortly after graduating from high school. It was a date-rape, one of the vastly under-reported crimes in our country. She made a choice to bring her baby to term. It was painful and scary. She ended up not being alone, for the man she would later marry met her while she was four months pregnant. They fell in love and six weeks after her son was born, they married. He adopted the child and raised him as his own. What a beautiful story it is of redemption and grace, a tangible understanding of how God takes us who are born in Adam’s sin and adopts us and calls us his own with all the full rights of his own child. The child is grown now, a successful young man with doting parents and younger siblings.

I have another friend. He did not have a choice. His mother was raped, and being a widow with children she was already raising, she opted to give her child up for adoption. My friend grew up knowing he was adopted and had a happy childhood with parents who loved him. He has impacted many people for good. He has a large family of his own and his children are Christians and live lives of example for those around him. The world would not be the same without this friend.

I have yet another friend. She has not been able to conceive her own children just yet, but she has two beautiful children that God gave her through adoption. One of her children was conceived as a result, you guessed it, of rape. Horrible for the birth mom, yes. But how much more awful to have had her precious baby cut in pieces and scraped from her womb? What the enemy meant for destruction, God has redeemed. And an innocent child–one who did not ask to be conceived that way, one who certainly did nothing to deserve death–has a family who loves and cares for him and is so grateful that he is theirs.

The truth is that in each of these circumstances, horrific choices had to be considered, pain had to be endured, emotional healing had to happen. But isn’t it also true that pain would still have had to have been endured if these courageous birth moms had chosen the deathly alternative? And wouldn’t they have had to deal with the emotional ramifications of being raped anyway? How exactly would abortion have solved those problems? The answer is it wouldn’t have. Statistically, it would have increased the emotional trauma, caused the mothers to suffer guilt, depression, and even emotional psychosis. Abortion is not a solution to a problem like rape.

No person who is honest with herself can sit on the fence for this one. It is either true that a baby is baby from conception and should be protected, or it is true that we can selectively murder anyone whom we find inconvenient. Because when you boil down the whole controversy, those are the two choices you have left. Anyone who says they are personally pro-life but they couldn’t tell someone else what to do is lying. Because there are few that would say it is okay to abort a two-year old. People get very upset about those cases covered in the news where a mother or father murders their child. They all agree that it is wrong to kill a two-year old. Where is the outrage about a mother paying someone to murder the child in her womb? The only difference is age and the degree to which the child is dependent on the mother for life.

It is time for the church to stop being politically correct. We must stand up for life. We must stop being afraid to speak the truth because we are afraid of making people angry. We have always justified our actions when we do wrong. Cain did it when he slew his brother Abel. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” he asked. And God’s reply? “The voice of your brother’s blood cries to me from the ground.” Indeed, I would argue that the blood of millions of babies cries out just as loudly.

I am not ashamed to stand up for life. A child conceived in adultery, incest, rape, fornication, or who is said to be deformed or sick, deserves to live just as much as the child who is planned and conceived by two loving parents on purpose. If a woman is not inclined or unable to raise her child, there are many, many folks out there ready to adopt. There is even a waiting list of families wanting to adopt babies with Downs Syndrome. There is no excuse for abortion.

And for those who have abortions–and statistically, many of you who read this blog have–know this: The God of the universe loves you, and he sent His Son to take the punishment of your sin, yes even the sin of murder, on himself. You see, God is just. And he says that the penalty for sin is death. (Romans 6:23) Eternal death, a death of separation forever from Him and his goodness. Because Jesus paid our penalty, God can legally dismiss the case against us. That means that if you accept the gift of grace from Jesus, your sin is forgiven. There is healing after abortion. I have many friends who have found that, too. Because the truth is that abortion is murder. There is another truth: Jesus said that we commit murder in hearts when we hate other people. I am just as guilty of murder as someone who has had an abortion. We all stand equally condemned by the wrath of God, apart from the salvation of Jesus Christ. So lest there are those who feel I am picking on them, I am not. I just know the truth: we can only conquer sin when we can face it and call it what it is.

So let’s cast aside our political correctness. Let’s stop pretending that this issue only pertains to other people. Let’s love the women who have suffered at the hands of the rapist, the abortionist and the church. And let’s cultivate a culture of life. And for goodness sake, let’s stop the madness of allowing millions of babies to be torn apart and ripped from the womb because their existence is inconvenient or painful.

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