Toddlers and nightlights don’t mix

Lil’ Adventurer received a really cool Cars nightlight for Christmas. He loves the Cars movies. (What little guy doesn’t?) Since he and Curious George share a room, and since they already have nightlights in their room, we didn’t give the nightlight a second thought. It was a sweet present from the Handy Man’s sister, and we plugged it in without another thought.

Well two days ago, just three days after Christmas, Curious George decided to investigate the nightlight further. We still have no idea how he did it, but somehow he broke the bulb clean off and in the process sliced three fingers and both thumbs. Most of the cuts are the kind that heal up pretty quick, but he did a number on the middle finger of his left hand. He managed to slice almost the entire pad right off. Ouch. Yes, it was/is gross.

The thing about that kind of slice is that there was nothing to stitch together, so although we entertained the thought of going to the ER for treatment, we ultimately realized that they would do nothing different than what we could do at home. It was bleeding. A lot. Dee, having obtained her first-aid and CPR certification last spring, knew exactly what to do. She calmly anchored his little body to her own with one arm while using her other hand to apply pressure to the wound with a clean washcloth.

We didn’t spend too much time cleaning the wound. It was bleeding copiously, so we put a fingertip bandaid on it, covered that with gauze and taped that into place, and then wrapped strip gauze around that finger and the first finger and then around the whole hand. We were proud of our amateur doctoring. For an hour.

Curious George did not like having his whole hand wrapped, and although he was obviously in pain, he pulled the whole thing off. So we went back to the proverbial drawing board. This time we wrapped the whole thing all the way down his wrist. Success! He couldn’t get it off, but that did not stop him from getting it wet.

Today we are making desserts for our get-together with some family tonight. Curious George is right in the mix of things. Literally. He thinks it is his job to oversee the mixer operation. We are managing to keep his grody little hand out of the food, but he sure does love to make that job hard on us!

I hate it when my children are hurt, especially when there is almost nothing I can do for them. I did give Curious George some homeopathic medicine to help keep any wound bruising at bay, and I did end up giving him some Tylenol the first night to help keep the throbbing down. But time is going to be the healer here….that and keeping that finger dry and clean. We could use some supernatural help on that end. Thankfully we have a ton of people praying for him.

This has been a good lesson learned, though. Fancy nightlights and toddlers don’t mix, especially when the toddler in question is capable of as much destruction as Curious George is. We can only hope this has been a lesson to him as well. But we aren’t counting on it. He is two years old, after all. Trouble is his middle name.

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