The end of the world as we know it

There has been a lot of hype in the news about the alleged end of the world in December of this year. It seems that some folks believe that the ancient Mayans “predicted” the end of the world. This so-called prediction has been treated with varying levels of humor, sarcasm, and seriousness. Of course any serious anticipation of the end of the world lies in the denial that perhaps the Mayans simply didn’t think farther ahead than the 5012 year cycle which they were attempting to put down for a reference. It’s not like they could just pull out their day-planners or blackberries to figure out what was going on in the world. They were simply, it would seem, trying to make a logical calendar by which they could record and recall events that happened outside the particular 52 year cycle in which they were currently living.

Facts like that aside, the probability that the calendar makers of today are looking any farther than a few years ahead for the designs of their calendars is slim. Seriously, do you really think they are worried about making the calendars for the year 2035? At least the Mayans were trying to make sense of their world. After all, they didn’t have Wikipedia or Google. They could not have possibly found out that January 5, 2035 will fall on a Friday without going to a bit of trouble. It took me all of 3 seconds. Of course I have no way to verify if that is correct. I tend to trust in Google just a little too much. As, it would seem, do a lot of other people. Google has a lot to say about the end of the world in 2012.

Whatever you believe about the end of the world, I can tell you that we actually lived through it here on the mountain. Tuesday was the end of our world as we know it. Are you wondering how it happened? I can answer that with two words: Curious George. Curious George has powers of destruction that are far superior to those of his siblings at the age of two years. He is, in the words of Star Child, “awesome.” Here is the proof:

Destroyer of the World!

He's wiping us all off the map!


Yes, our world globe is toast. At least he started with Africa.  By the time he was finished, though, he had wiped earth clean.   It wasn’t entirely the fault of our two-year old assassin, though. He had some help. We had a roof leak a few years ago. It was a rather serious one, and it left portions of our living room ceiling soaking wet and the perfect breeding ground for nasty mold. We simply had to remove and discard a few sections of ceiling. So the Handy Man put up these “temporary” panels:

I say “temporary” because Handy Man has the best intentions of putting in some flexible ducts with tiny fans in them so we can blow the warm air from the wood stove over into the girls’ rooms. (The reality of living with wood heat is that the living room is often 90 degrees while the girls are drawing pictures in the frost on the inside of their windows often a bit chilly. We have a rather distorted sense of what constitutes a heat emergency. The Handy Man rushes to start the fire if the living room dips to a frigid 72 degrees. We like to tease him about it. But I digress.) The great vent project has yet to be completed, though, so we just have an interesting look to our ceiling. I like to call it “late American red-neck fix.” But hey, the rain no longer comes in the living room, plus the rooms stays hot as blue blazes comfortably warm.

24 hour high temperatures. Top is outside, bottom is inside.

Back to our world globe. Our globe once sat upon the shelves just below the water fall.  The water would come in and run down the black plastic the Handy Man put up there, and then it would drop on everything on the shelves. We got really good at placing various containers in precarious positions to catch the water every time it rained. Because globes are generally not meant to get wet. So the paper began to peel. I was somewhat upset about this. Never mind the fact that the TV was rained upon; I was worried about my globe! The globe was special to me because we use it a lot for school the Handy Man gave it to me for a birthday gift.  (Most women would probably not think of a globe as being the greatest present, and I will admit that I was a little disappointed somewhat surprised by this interesting gift. But then you have to realize that it was really my fault. The Handy Man  has selective hearing is an astute listener, and when he hears me mention something I would like to have, he does his best to provide. I once mentioned at our old church, where we were leading the youth group, that I sure wished I knew how to play guitar. Yep. I got a guitar for my next birthday. So though a globe is probably not what I would have asked for had I been thinking, he did actually hear me say I wanted one. I guess I can’t  say my husband didn’t give me the world!)

So the kids and I happily used our globe for a few years, until Christmas. I gladly allowed Starchild to head up the family Christmas decorating committee since I would rather have my teeth pulled than decorate  was so busy. Starchild decided that a slightly peeling, water-damaged  world globe was not a Christmas accessory she wanted us to display through the season of Advent, and she relegated our poor afflicted globe to the shelves in the laundry room.  It was safe there for all of December, and then the other day, Curious George roamed the house looking for something to destroy found it. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Except that it wasn’t. Because the truth is that we actually survived the end of the world. And I suspect that we will survive the end of the Mayan calendar as well. In fact, the truth is that noone knows the day or time when the world will end. Jesus will come back for his own–those of us who have trusted in him alone for our salvation–and He is not telling us when that will happen. We are warned in scripture that He will come like a thief in the night when we are least expecting Him. We are to be ready. And boy am I ready! Scripture also gives us a clue as to how the world will end, and it will not be a fun ending for those who are left. It involves lots of fire. And after all that is corrupt is burned away, there will be a new earth. And that is sort of exciting, don’t you think?

So we survived the end of the world. And I am hoping for a new globe, but not for my birthday–or, Handy Man, if you read this–our anniversary. We’ll call it school supplies. And maybe invest in a two-year-old-proof one. As if anyone actually makes such a thing!

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One Response to The end of the world as we know it

  1. LOVE IT! You made me laugh with all your strike through thoughts! And, you are blessed with such a destructive (strike through that) scientifically experimentally inquisitive little guy and a listening hubby! :<)


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