All I want is a little peace

Today has been a less-than-stellar day. Anytime you begin the day by assigning toddlers the LOVE SEAT OF DOOM, you know it is going to be a rough day. It seems Curious George is really good at pushing Lil’ Adventurer’s buttons. Literally. As in, Curious George has to ruin or destroy handle all of his big brother’s stuff. I suppose that is the job of little brothers, but Lil’ Adventurer has yet to come to appreciate the finer points of sibling rivalry being a big brother. Seriously, he has cool stuff. What little brother wouldn’t want to handle cool stuff?

The result this morning  was a sound of piercing shrieks and screams coming from their end of the house. There isn’t a house big enough to keep that racket from disrupting school, and our house is most certainly not a McMansion.  It’s days like today that make me wish I drink   we had a nanny  I had more patience. The irony I realized (while in mid-conversation with a friend who called  during a calm in the chaos this morning) is that this is EXACTLY when the Lord is teaching me patience. So while Little Princess tried to figure out the instructions of her end-of-unit language arts test, I sat with the boys on the LOVE SEAT OF DOOM until they could learn to love each other. It took a long time before they were willing to love each other. Oh, and they had to agree to share.  HA. Not even the LOVESEAT OF DOOM can force them to do that.  I didn’t force that issue today. I will reserve that for when the LOVE SEAT OF DOOM begins to lose its power.

What my extremely disruptive urchins darling boys desperately need is outside time. It has rained a lot here on our mountain, and since we can’t grow grass to save our lives have chosen a more drought-resistant landscape, we have a lot of mud. As in the whole yard is mud. And I don’t have  a mud room. Oh, I dream of one–I have it all designed, as a matter of fact–but our little house is not equipped with such a wonderful thing, so when the yard is muddy, my living room floor and kitchen are also muddy. There is really only so much I can take before I get all “monster mom” on the kids. Yesterday was the day that happened. We dressed the boys appropriately for the weather, made sure they were in the rattiest of play clothes and sent them outside for what I hoped would be an hour. Ten minutes later they were back inside for a water emergency; Lil’ Adventurer was thirsty. Back out they went.  Seven minutes later we had a different kind of water emergency. Curious George loves the dog’s water bucket.  So much so, in fact, that he sat in it. One of his sisters (who shall remain unnamed because I cannot prove in a court of law which one was actually responsible for the carnage) took him into my room, to my white and blue covered bed, to undress him and change him into dry clothes. Muddy boy + wet clothes + light bedspread = huge mess. And to add insult to injury, he managed to root under the foot of the bedspread to add his touch to the sheets and white blanket. (Have I mentioned I am thinking about redecorating my room in black? Other than the morbid depression into which it would send me, at least my bedding would appear clean after a Curious George attack!)  So my little guys are stuck inside until the wet stuff turns white and the ground freezes or until the mud dries out to a relatively tame red dust.

And until the weather outside is more cooperative, I have the distinct feeling we will be visiting the LOVE SEAT OF DOOM more often. They will either learn to love each other or they will destroy the love seat. Either way, we win. (Like most of our furniture, the love seat has seen much better days.)  And I will keep learning the patience lesson, because evidently I don’t have that one down just yet.  I do have one thing on my children, though, and that is perspective. Sitting on the LOVE SEAT OF DOOM isn’t the end of the world for me, and if I have to sit there with they boys  while they work out the finer points of sharing and forgiveness, that is fine with me.


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3 Responses to All I want is a little peace

  1. deairby says:

    how about a dirt brown bedspread?


    • That would work, too, but that was my next floor color, and I thought it a bit much. Great minds do think alike!


    • Linda Williams says:

      I was going to say the same thing… black still shows dirt, a brown bedspread would work better! Lol. Or you could just wait a year or two before you redecorate.

      I remember when G was 2 and would grab all of her older siblings’ stuff. They would protest, and I’d say, “Just give it to her, she’ll lose interest in about 30 seconds.” It worked… fewer tears, and she always lost interest (I think it taught the older kids a bit of patience, too). Anything else we put HIGH up! Oh, the joys of having small children.

      Always adventure at your house… always a fun read! 🙂


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