Sometimes you get more than you ask

Just the other day I was lamenting the lack of peace in my home. And that very evening, while I was (finally) taking my shower, I got more peace than I could ask for. Well, actually, to be precise, pieces. As in many, many pieces. The Handy Man had a piece of tempered glass that was at one time a part of stereo cabinet, then it was for many years a protective desk topper, and finally it had its go on our kitchen table as a place to put hot pots so we could serve and eat at the table. The glass life came to an abrupt and final end at the hands of Curious George. Did you know that tempered glass shatters into little pieces when it breaks?

Star Child had cleaned the table and had pushed the tempered glass up against the other glass on the table top. It was overlapping the slightest bit, and when Curious George leaned on it, his weight was enough stress to cause the glass to shatter. And shatter it did: all over the kitchen, into the open cabinets, under furniture, and all the way into the living room. I even had glass in the little hallway to our bedroom. A knock on the bathroom door where I was blissfully unaware of the drama unfolding in the kitchen alerted me to the fact that I was now back in charge of Curious George so all hands could be sweeping the deck.

Isn’t it beautiful?  Star Child had to take a few moments to do her macro picture thing, and surprisingly, the Handy Man even suggested a few views.


Of course I had planned to have dinner on time for once so that Handy Man, Star Child and Gladys Mae could make it out the door on time to make guitar lessons.  Our carefully laid plan fell apart. Literally. So instead of eating, they spent dinner time cleaning up glass.  I am half Dutch, so does it count as being European when you eat at a late hour out of default?

Curious George has gotten into a lot of scrapes (to borrow a phrase from L.M. Montgomery’s classic Anne of Green Gables) lately. Today his adventure involved stealing commandeering my large 16 oz bottle of cinnamon. Little Princess got it out so she could make her oatmeal more appetizing, and she neglected to put it away again. George must have seen it as the perfect opportunity to experiment with dry body paint. Sadly we did not get pictures of him, but we do have picture of the mess:

     It sort of looks like dirt, doesn’t it?  Perhaps he had a vision in mind. Oh the irony…as if there wasn’t enough dirt on their floor already, he had to go and make it more “realistic”.  I have to admit that it does smell better than dirt. I feel sorry for the poor pony…it looks as if she  he  it expired. Perhaps it died of cinnamon inhalation.

One thing I do know is that with Curious George around, we always get more than we bargain for. I have to be honest, though. As much mess as this child creates (and he creates a LOT of mess!) he is also so sweet (when he isn’t pulling Lil’ Adventurer’s hair or biting his sister.)  He loves to sit on my lap and smother me  cuddle with me during school. He likes to handle all our school supplies. (I buy non-toxic glue for  reason—he finds it delicious.  And he eats all the erasers off the pencils.) He likes to dump out our Bible verse box   participate in Bible time every morning with us. He is really a loving little guy with a huge talent for making a mess.

We would definitely be poorer without the little man in our lives. But we sure got more than we asked for when we asked the Lord to bless us with that little one!


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