Laughter is good

It amazes my how hilarious my children are. Not that they think they are funny; they get quite offended when we laugh at the wrong things.  Sometimes the things they do or say are only funny after the fact. It takes a certain amount of recovery from some of their antics before we can laugh a good hardy laugh. Here are a few things that made me giggle this week:

Little Princess and I were reading her Bible story book, and we were in a passage that described the conflict between the Gentiles and the Jews when Paul was on one of his missionary journeys. After the reading, I asked Little Princess the discussion question as prompted by her story book. “Who were the two groups of people that were fighting?”  Her answer: “The Jews and the Reptiles.”   She did NOT appreciate our laughter.  I hope one day she will.

Lil’ Adventurer cracks us up daily. Today he pulled the neck of his shirt down so that his left shoulder and arm were through the hole with his head. He said to us, “Now, I’m a husband!”  He later told us he couldn’t be a husband or a daddy because he was eating dinner.  So, in his world, if you dress like a Roman, you can be a husband, but if you are eating, you are too busy for a wife and kids. He is so sweet, though. Last week he got really upset with me as I stood outside talking with a friend who had dropped off a cake platter because I wasn’t helping Little Princess ride her bike. She wasn’t asking for help, mind you, but in his mind I was doing her a great injustice.

It is Curious George who causes us the greatest angst. He is never out of tricks. Never. This past week he pilfered oatmeal, ice cream, rice, cereal, whipped topping, baking candy pieces, crackers, tortillas, chips, flour and sugar. My favorite day was the day he took crackers and the half bag of espresso that I keep in the freezer for special Christmas baking. We found him in his room eating the crackers covered in ground espresso beans. He did eventually sleep that night, but he had nightmares.  He gets plenty to eat, so I am not quite sure what his fascination is with food. We suspect it is the challenge of pilfering undetected. We have taken to fastening our refrigerator with a belt, and the Handy Man put handles and knobs on all our kitchen doors and drawers. I plan to start locking cabinets, too. Curious George needs a new hobby. Every nice day we send him outside to play, and that helps. We just have to laugh at his antics, though. The side benefit is that Lil’ Adventurer is getting very skilled in running the vacuum cleaner.  Anytime it is quiet in the house and we know George is awake, it is certain that he is in trouble.  I joke that it is a good thing he is number eight. I am not sure we would have had eight children (so far) if he had been first!

Here’s to a happy week…one preferably having nothing to do with espresso beans!


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