can carnage

I have written about the strange fascination Curious George has for food, specifically food he can pilfer and then dump all over his bedroom floor. We have had the makings for oatmeal cookies and fresh coffee, as well as rice and other grains. His destruction  is not limited to just the food he can empty out of a convenient container. No, now he is into taking the labels off the cans in our pantry.

These are pretty obvious:

A friend pointed out that it is a good thing we don’t feed our cats wet cat food.  That could be pretty gross. Is it tuna? Or kitty food surprise? So I should be thankful for small favors.

This  one is a little mysterious:

Star Child thinks it may be a can of kidney beans based solely on the shake test. It sounds like kidney beans, but it could be garbanzo beans or possibly pork ‘n beans.  I will have to have a little flexibility with this one…perhaps we will open the can and then decide what is for dinner that night. I’ve wanted some spontaneity in  my life.  Perhaps George is trying to make his Momma’s life a little more exciting.

These two are going to be fun as well. I know one is red enchilada sauce and one is green enchilada sauce, but I have no idea which is which. Perhaps I can decode the numbers and letters stamped on the ends to figure it out.  It looks to me like that will be another flexible meal…one way we go beef enchiladas, the other way we go chicken enchiladas.


At least the little man has not figured out how to use the can opener. Yet. He likes it though, so I am sure he will do his best to learn how to use it.



I recently started planning our monthly menus again. I am not sure how well our can conundrum will fit into my carefully planned menu. Surprise is the spice of life, or something like that….in our case, that might literally be true!

My friend and fellow blogger, Dea, has been doing a series on her blog called Pantry Raid. She is a wonderful cook and recently published her first cook book. I have a new challenge for her: make a meal out of the mystery can ingredients. It could be like a cross between Chopped (one of my favorite cooking shows) and Fear Factor. And Curious George could be the host, assuming he learns how to speak in American English by then.

In the mean time, we’ll have fun with our mystery cans. If we create something spectacular, I will be sure to record it here first.


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