A conversation with Lil’ Adventurer

A few years ago, the Handy Man gave me a digital voice recorder. At that time I had absolutely no idea for what I could possibly use it. A few days ago, the Handy Man found the recorder stuffed in a pocket on the side of my desk, and he suggested that it might come in handy to record Lil’ Adventurer when he shares his imaginative and hilarious musings.  That voice recorder came in very handy today.

This morning Lil’ Adventurer wanted to wear his favorite fleece-lined jean overalls. That boy LOVES his overalls. I am a bit sad that he never had the opportunity to wear these hand-me-down gems during  a nice snow. We didn’t have any snow this winter. (sob)   We had the usual battle this morning–Lil’ Adventurer would hang out in his pajamas all day if I let him–and after a scolding and consequences for disobeying Mommy by NOT getting dressed, he finally brought me his favorite overalls. Usually he needs my help getting them on because they have side snaps, not to mention that the whole over-the-shoulder thing can get confusing when you are three years old. This morning, though, Lil’ Adventurer was on a mission to explain some things to me.  There is a tag on the back of his overalls with a picture of what I assume to be a moose. Only Lil’ Adventurer wasn’t thinking moose; no, he was thinking…reindeer. He showed me the tag and said, “this is a reindeer (only it sounded like weindeer) and I’m gonna be Santa Clause.”  Ignore for a moment that we don’t “do” Santa in our home.  What in the world makes a three-year-old think he is going to be Santa? He then told me, “I need to go the Santa Store to get some weindeer. I need one, two, free, four, seven, eight, nine, TEN weindeers and one swed (sled). I actwally need to get the whole order at the Santa Store.”   Yes, he said that.  (I am a loser because I have not taught my three year old to count to ten fairly relaxed about the whole formal-school-before-Kindergarten thing.)

I tried so hard not laugh hysterically, and I failed miserably because it was so stinking funny! The girls were all sitting around also trying not to laugh. Lil’ Adventurer is used to hearing stifled giggles, though, and he carried on manfully with the conversation. The next bit took us to a better look at his nifty overalls. He earnestly explained that the inside is  “wed and nice and warm.”   Indeed, it is, being red fleece and all.   And then he pointed out the nifty pocket on the front, which was empty this morning, although I rather suspect he has found some treasure to put in there by now. Next, he helpfully and instructively explained that the holes at the bottom are where the feet come out, and that his feet always shoot from his legs “way up here” (pointing at his hips) and that his legs went straight down and that they come out the bottom. I am so relieved that my son has such an understanding of human anatomy and fashion! And then we discussed again the fleece in his pants. I asked him if I should call him Santa, and he replied, “Yeah! Santa is going to call me!”

There are so many levels on which I could be disturbed. I think Tim Allen is safe, though, in his role in the Santa Clause...because as far as I know, Lil’ Adventurer is probably too young to grow a long white beard. We ended the conversation by putting the pants on and taking some pictures…I just love Lil’ Adventurer’s grimace/smile. This was his version of a cheesy grin, I think. He looks miserable, but he really was smiling!  (His hair is getting wild again–it will soon be time to buzz it. ) Curious George was feeling very left-out during the photo shoot, and I was compelled to take some pictures of him, too.  I won’t make you view the ones of his back–he was very insistent that I take photos of him the same as I had his older brother.  (And I may as well show off his new hair cut! He looks like a little boy again after the Handy Man took him to the barber over the weekend.) The funny thing is that we have conversations like this all the time–bizarre conversations that leave us all rolling in our chairs while Lil’ Adventurer shares his deepest thoughts. This morning we had two extra girls with us–our friend Scott had emergency surgery, and Tammy called me to see if I could keep the girls overnight. It worked out well because her two girls are best friends with Star Child and Little Princess, respectively.  They are homeschooled, too, and it was fairly easy to just incorporate them into our schedule (the older one is self-sufficient and the  younger one was sent with seat work to complete), but I have to wonder what they thought of our amusing conversationalist this morning. What I do know is that we all had a good laugh, and all in all, that is not a bad way to start a day.

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