Our Easter Weekend

I can’t believe that Easter is two weeks behind us now. Time sure flies quickly when you stay as busy as we do!  I am thankful today is a rainy day–too wet to plant in the garden, too damp to paint the house. That leaves me with cleaning the house, and while it certainly needs attention (the law of entropy is visibly displayed in my home!) our efforts at spring break mean that there isn’t quite so much dirt to clean.

I mentioned the girls’ new spring dresses in my last post and promised that I would post pictures. Late, but here they are:

Star Child in her semi-retro creation

Star child (above) chose her own pattern and fabric. I love her red heels–and I am so sad that I neglected to capture the red sash tied in a sassy bow at her back. She was just so cute!

Little Princess also picked her pattern. I narrowed her material down to just a few choices, and this is what she ended up getting:

Little Princess in her Easter finery

Dee wanted only a skirt. But what a skirt it ended up being!  I neglected to check the price on her fabric before we had it cut. OUCH!  Her skirt was half the cost of all my fabric that day!  It was made with circles–each layer was another circle down. It was fun and surprisingly easy to make. I think she was pleased with the result:

Gladys Mae went total hippy on me. Her dress was a lot more difficult to make because of the cut–for some reason the dress makers think we need to see a LOT more chest than is decent. She made part of her dress, but I had to go back and re-make it after making some major modifications. Still, I think it turned out very well. It definitely suits her!

Gladys Mae and her almost-peasant dress

One of the difficulties my tall girls have is finding shoes that fit. Gladys Mae and I shopped for a week trying to find a pair of shoes that didn’t hurt her feet. She wears a size 11 or 12 Wide. She has a “good platform” as a friend of mine said. Yes, she does, and evidently shoe makers don’t make very many shoes for women with good platforms.

We ended up leaving the gathering at the Handy Man’s parents’ home the day before Easter in a last-ditch effort to find shoes for Gladys Mae.  We ended up in a small city just north of us, and in the ONLY shoe store there, we found ONE pair of shoes without which she simply could not exist. You can’t see them well in the picture, but they were zebra striped with splashes of color. They totally suited her. Maybe she will get to wear them for longer than a few weeks. That is, if her feet don’t grow yet again!

After we found the shoes, I impulsively walked up the sidewalk to peer inside a nail salon where about eight ladies were busy giving spa pedicures to women who were obviously enjoying the attention given to tired winter feet. I decided on the spur-of-the-moment that I wanted–no I NEEDED–a pedicure. Gladys Mae was not so sure about it, though, and I had to beg her and enlisted the help of Lindy (via cell phone) to get Gladys Mae agree to getting a pedicure. I had to laugh because I don’t think any of my other daughters would have given me more than half a second before hopping into the first available chair! After an hour of getting our feet soaked, scrubbed, trimmed, painted and in every way imaginable pampered, we were ready to head back to the family gathering.  I am glad I got to spend that impulsive pedicure time with Gladys Mae. I think she secretly enjoyed it as much as I did.

Before we left for our shopping expedition, though, we had a whole morning of extended family fun. I was attempting to keep the youngest kids confined to the back yard while the men hid the Easter eggs.

This somewhat blurry picture captures our nephew, Wesley, pushing Curious George in the swing. Wesley was really sweet with George.

Here, Little Princess was trying to cross the monkey bars on the swing set. She was finally able to do it after much effort and practice. Her cousin, Ericka, about a year younger, got very angry with Little Princess’s success, but then Ericka finally got it, too, and all was forgiven.

Little Adventurer played hard–really hard!  (as he always does!)  He was tuckered before the day got going…here he was swinging on the glider swing. He looks so intent on his play, doesn’t he?

Little Adventurer

Finally, the men had all the eggs hidden. The little kids had one side of the yard, and the four teens had the other side. Some of the eggs for the teens were hidden so well that they weren’t found that day. It’s probably a good thing they no longer use real boiled and dyed eggs!

The Handy Man and the boys set off after I begged to be relieved he graciously volunteered.  Notice his handsome pants? Those are his fire hose pants from Duluth Trading–I bought them so he could work in them, but so far all he seems to want to do is make a fashion statement in them. I can relate.

It didn’t take the boys long to figure out this egg-hunting thing!  They were having a blast!

I couldn’t decide which of the next two pictures to include, so I decided to include them both.  Here, Little Adventure said to me (complete with adorable stutter),  “Momma, I, I, I have eight eggs!  And, and, they have CANDY in them!”

Here, I asked him to smile for the camera. Where else can you get that kind of cheesy, adorable smile?

Little Princess was also thrilled with her egg finds:

Star Child and her cousin, Reba, always enjoy their time together. They are the best of cousin friends…and it has been sweet to watch them over the years. Here they are collecting eggs:

Gladys Mae was also enjoying herself. She didn’t want to smile, but I said something (since forgotten) to make her laugh and got her picture. She had had her braces on for only six weeks, and it was good to see her willing to show her beautiful smile again.

Dee, on the other hand, was not at all cooperative. This was the best she would allow me to get:

Grandma always has a pinata for the kids to break after the egg hunt, you know, just in case they didn’t already have enough candy. Some years the pinata takes several rounds before being beaten into submission. I think the year we had an Elmo pinata, we went through the kids twice before the adults had to take a turn.  The Handy Man’s brother, called Uncle Keith by all the kids, is the one who sets up the pinata and gives the rules. I guess it is a fair way to do it–Uncle Keith doesn’t have any children, and thus he has no vested interest in who breaks the pinata. There have been some AFV moments, to be sure, but so far no lasting injuries.  This year, Grandma decided to be frugal and reuse the pinata from last year. One can hardly blame her–pinatas are not cheap! Alas, they are not made quite the way they used to be made, either, and this one was not destined to last in its second usage beyond the efforts of the third child, six-year-old Ericka.  At least Curious George and Little Adventurer got their shots at it. George actually had a good connect, as did Little Adventurer.

Here is the picture of Uncle Keith telling the kids that if they crossed the imaginary line before it was their turn, they would be out of the pinata action. At least he didn’t have them stand in a straight line. (My poor, deprived  home-schooled children would not have been able to do that–have you ever seen home-schooled children try to stand in a straight line or make themselves into a circle? It is great entertainment!)

Curious George was granted the privilege of hitting the pinata without a blindfold. Uncle Keith is getting soft in his old age. Dee was cheering George on in the background. (Gotcha–good picture–haha!)

Here they are–the whole group present that day. Our two oldest children and two of their cousins were not there, but the daughter of one cousin was. (Reagan, to the far left, is the first great-grand child.)

After all this, we ate the traditional bar-b-que lunch and then Gladys Mae and I headed out on our shoe adventure. It was a good day, an enjoyable weekend, and the perfect end to a really busy week.

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2 Responses to Our Easter Weekend

  1. mom24and7 says:

    I love this so much! Thank you for sharing your family with mine. Since i cannot get out much, when I read your posts I feel like I have just visited with some great friends. Sounds like a wonderful and fun Easter. I LOVED the photographs as well. Thank for sharing…means more than you know. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS FAMILY! Cindy


  2. Love the dresses! You should have expected “hippy” from that one! :<)


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