40 day wrap up and a visit to my doctor

I shared with you my plans for my forty days of exercise. I finished my forty days, and I actually only missed one day during that time. (That was much better than I thought I would do!) I wanted to report what happened during that time.

I did lose about ten pounds. I also lost over 6 inches. I had some fluctuation up and down, which always frustrates me to no end, but overall I can tell a difference in how I feel. I feel stronger. I definitely feel the difference in my knees. My knees had been giving me problems for quite some time. My osteopathic doctor had recommended that I get my knee scoped, but with the Handy Man unemployed and no insurance, that was simply not going to happen. I had not shared this, but my shoulder had also been giving me issues–I had a perpetually knotted muscle at a key trigger point that would cause intense pain whenever I moved my left arm in a motion similar to putting my arm around someone’s shoulder. (Just try that an imagine how many times a day you do actually have to move your arm out and up!)  My commitment to do the T-Tapp every day was a serious one because it was going to cause pain!

I am very happy to report that the promised T-Tapp benefit of rehabilitation was in fact true for me!  I am now able to bend my knees, and on a level set of stairs, I can go up using both legs (one step after another instead of step up with the right, let the left catch up, step up with the right, let the left catch up, etc.) I am however, still having problems going down. My left leg does not like to bend going down, but I am able to make it do so on level stairs. (You would also be surprised at how often stairs are made of  stacked wood, rock, etc!)  My knees do not generally hurt the way they were hurting, and I definitely have more mobility in them. My shoulder is almost completely healed. I also visited the chiropractor last week, and he noticed that I was much easier to adjust. All these things are signs of improved  muscle tone, and that makes me happy!

Towards the end of my forty days, though, I was having a hard time with exhaustion. I went into the T-Tapp forum to ask about that because I was not sure why that would be. To my great delight, one of their trainers answered my query immediately. She suggested that it sounded to her like my adrenal gland was taxed,  because the workout I was doing is designed to be safe to do every day. (T-tapp is known for their “less is more” philosophy, and most of their workouts are not designed to be done daily.)  She suggested that I go to a schedule that alternated T-Tapp More (which I was doing) with T-Tapp Chair (also on my DVD) and two days of stretches only. I immediatly implemented M, W, F doing T-Tapp More, Tues. and Sat doing T-Tapp Chair, and Thurs. and Sun. doing stretches only. I was blown away at how hard T-Tapp chair is for me!  It is a real arm workout, but it also works the lower body in a way that T-Tapp More did not. I am excited to see how this affects me over the next few months. I began this modified schedule on August 6th.

This past week, I went back to see my osteopathic doctor. I really didn’t want to go as we really did not have the money for it, but I needed my thyroid medication refilled, and the office would not do so unless I saw the doctor. My doctor’s office is 70 miles and 90 minutes away, so it takes a little planning to make the trek. (Planning for making sure the children all have their school and chore assignments, not for actually driving.) I had the first appointment in the morning, and when I arrived, they were having severe computer issues. Their network was down and none of the nurses could access patient charts. Dr. Schultz came in to see me, and after about 10 minutes of frustration with the computer, she said, “well, we can’t get into the chart in here, but I know it will come up on my office computer!” So off to her private office we went.  We started discussing some of my concerns, and to be honest, I was having a difficult day. The weight of being unemployed for fourteen months along with the financial strain of not quite making enough money to keep our family afloat was heavy that day. I felt myself getting teary-eyed, and while I hated it, at least my doctor could see that I was really stressed. We talked about my weight gain and subsequent loss, and she just told me to do what I could do. I told her my fasting blood sugars were higher than they needed to be, and she just told me to keep doing what I am doing. (She already had me on Metformin for insulin resistance.) She told me not to worry about it right now, to just do what I could do. At that moment, her huband and business partner walked into her office to complain about the network. I had never met him, but I had seen him in the office before. He looks like an ex-beach boy—balding curly head with a pony tail. She asked him about his opinion regarding my fatigue. He asked me a few questions, and then he said that he thought I had adrenal fatigue.  Now, remember that the T-Tapp trainer had said she thought the same thing?  And I actually thought this was my problem last year.

The difficulty in this, of course, is that the only way to actually confirm it is to do blood testing. Dr. Melville asked his wife about just doing the blood work, and she told him that I really could not afford to do that. So they decided to go ahead and treat me for adrenal fatigue. They sent me home with an adrenal supplement and some Cordyceps, which is  an extract of cordyceps mushrooms that is effective in treating adrenal fatigue.

Dr. Melville warned me that if I began having excessive energy (like working until late at night, etc.) that I should back off their dosage instructions. I only laughed and said that if I had energy to keep working late into the night, it would be a dream come true!

Dr. Schultz then told me she was charging me the minimum because of all the computer trouble and so I could afford the supplements, which ended up being about $100 by themselves.  (I have since found the same brands online for a little less, and I will be re-ordering them next month. )  I am so grateful that I went to see the doctor. I feel as though another piece of the medical puzzle was found for me. We will know for sure in the next few months.

I take away from my forty days a new habit of daily exercise–whether that be a full work out, a chair work out or just good stretching. I am doing something every day because I feel better when I do.  I also take away a new supplement regimen to hopefully address the crushing fatigue I often feel. I am excited about this.

The last thing I take away is a renewed and deepened spiritual understanding that I need the Lord every hour. I need to trust in His mercy and grace. I need to rely on his strength when my strength is small (for he says that his strength is made perfect in my weakness.) I take away the renewed knowledge that this is a journey of many miles, not a short sprint, and that as long as I tarry, Jesus will tarry with me. That alone has been worth the forty days.

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