Fiscal cliff

There is a lot of chatter about the looming fiscal cliff  in the various channels from whence I get my news (mainstream TV not being one of them since we cut off the Dish last summer.) I am very concerned about our country.  I do not agree with the president and his fiscal policies, but to be fair, I am not at all confident that his rival in the last election would have proved any more fiscally conservative. The problem is that there is not enough money to fund our country. Deep cuts must be made.  We cannot tax our way out of this mess. There is no such thing as a free lunch–someone pays for the lunch, regardless of what it costs the one who eats it.  The same is true for health care, unemployment, social security, etc.  We need massive reforms.

It bothers me greatly that we are on the taking end of this mess right now. Our income is from unemployment. My children are on medicaid. We would love nothing better than to have gainful employment for the Handy Man–enough to actually support our family. We don’t have extravagant needs. But we are also facing a fiscal cliff: Forget satellite TV or eating out at a restaurant, or even Christmas presents.  We need to pay bills, to get our teeth cleaned, to have medical tests done.  We are facing what thousands of others are facing…and it is hard to look at what we spend and figure out what to cut. Further  cuts need to be made. They will be made. They will be painful.

The Handy Man had an interview last week. He felt it went well. We are hoping to hear back from the folks who interviewed him. He was more than qualified for the position. He had the skill set, the experience, the maturity. Maturity sometimes is a handicap, though. It seems like companies want to hire people that are younger. I suppose they usually cost less.  The Handy Man is willing to take a lower-paying job. In his field, all the jobs pay more than minimum wage. It would be okay.

This morning I had an honest moment with the Lord. I am scared. He promises to meet all our needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. My head knows this. But I tremble inside as I think of all the needs we have up-coming:  Books for Dee’s college classes come to mind, as does having our family dentist re-evaluate the children’s teeth after the Medicaid dentist said that Star Child has seven cavities and that Gladys Mae has three cavities. I don’t even want Dee to go to that guy. We will be paying out-of-pocket for our own dentist to clean her teeth. It is not a pleasant thing to realize that the socialized medical provider may be using my children’s teeth as a way to get paid more money from medicaid.  (One cavity I would have believed–the kids were all seen by our dentist back in March, and we have never had a visit with more than one cavity!)  If our dentist concurs with the diagnosis, my faith in that particular practitioner will be restored. I am not very hopeful on that count.

I know the Lord promises good to us and not evil. I have been grateful  for these months of having the Handy Man home. It has been a time for difficulties in our marriage to be revealed–and we are working on those things. Communication comes to mind. It has been a time for the children to develop a deeper relationship with their Daddy, and he has been able to participate in our day-to-day routines, and in fact to see what it is that we do all day long. It has been good for our family to struggle together, for the kids to see how the Lord does provide, for us to learn how to pray even more sweetly together.

Still, we are headed for financial insolvency if something doesn’t change. The Handy Man needs employment, and he needs it soon. Would you pray with us that a great job will soon present itself?

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