busy Saturday

Today promises to be a wild day. The weather is glorious, and after weeks of rain and gloom, it is especially nice to see the sun shining again.  It would be nice to get out and enjoy this beautiful day, but we are busy getting things done for today…

Tonight, Gladys Mae has her cotillion ball. I will miss most of it, though, as I have to work. The Handy Man and my parents will be there to dance with her and to cheer her on. We looked for a dress that she could call uniquely her own, but with the financial pinch we are in right now, she had to settle for wearing the dress I made for Dee to wear at her cotillion ball a few years ago. We added a ribbon at the waist and we bought some pretty hair jewels. She also has some pretty new silver slippers to wear with her ball gown. I am sure she will be stunning.

Meanwhile, Star Child and Little Princess have a choir concert to sing. My parents will be on hand at the concert for them, and then Star Child will go off with a friend while my parents will transport Little Princess to the cotillion ball.  I am hoping to meet with everyone at after 9 tonight at the ball.

This is the part I hate about working–missing concerts and first cotillions.  But I am ever so grateful that the Lord has provided a way for us to survive this time, and I will at least catch a part of the ball.

The next few hours will be spent doing normal Saturday things: laundry, cleaning the bathroom, getting Sunday clothes ready.  We will also be doing hair, working on makeup and making sure all performance and ball clothing are ready to go. Normal life for our mountain….

What are your Saturday plans?

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