Fireman Sam and other melt-down-worthy topics

Living with a three year old is always and adventure. The Handy Man and I have always found that the so-called “terrible twos” were NOTHING compared to the tyrannical threes.  Of course, just as some children reach the terrible twos at around 18 months, we have found that some of our little ones reached the tyrannical threes a little earlier than the age of three.

Curious George, for example, just turned three in November, but he has been in full-blown three mode for at least six months.  He is a stubborn doggedly persistent little fellow, too.  He has the talent of making us all crazy  aware of his particular need in any particular moment.

Take this morning, for example. I am dealing with a cough, and not feeling great, so I decided today would be math catch-up day for the older students and a get better day for the rest. Little Princess is also feeling puny, so she is camped on the living room love seat. It is a perfect day to watch some Netflix movies.  (Thanks to Lindy, we again have Netflix.)

Curious George had his heart set on watching Fireman Sam….again. I am not sure if his addiction fondness for Fireman Sam is greater than his fondness for Bob the Builder, but a full fifteen minutes after a group decision was made that they would watch Hugo, he is still screaming that he wants to watch Fireman Sam.  This led to him being told that he could feel any way he wants to feel, but that he is not allowed to scream at us in the living areas of the house. He was sent to his room to whine.  And this is how Star Child found him:


His little face is just the picture of misery, isn’t it?



Of course, this is only the fourth tantrum of the morning. We had one over which sippy cup he wanted, whether he wanted milk or water with breakfast, and his insistence that he needed to paint with water colors.

The problem, of course, is that he has his own ideas of what he wants to do in any particular given minute, and being a rather strong-willed little guy, he is rather loud when those around him do not conform to his given ideas.  Kind of the way I have sometimes been with the Lord.

Have you ever thrown a temper tantrum with God?  I have. I am not proud of it, but I have learned something:  He is big enough to take it. And, not only that, He still loves me when it is over. My tantrums never move God–it is different than a sincere prayer asking for God’s will to be done. No, my tantrums have always been about what *I* wanted.  But in the end, even when I have been an ungrateful child demanding my own way with the Lord, I am always secure in the knowledge that He forgives my repentant heart and He changes me a little each time. I think I am finally learning to surrender. It has not been an easy journey.

Through my own growth and seeing how God deals with me,  I have learned what it takes to parent Curious George. I can’t control whether he will throw a temper tantrum or not. I try to give him choices, when appropriate, and I give him a safe place to go be mad when he is still not happy. He usually gets over it pretty quick, before we move on to the next thing.  Right now  he is sitting happily near Star Child watching Hugo.

And I am sure that before this day ends, Curious George will get to watch his Fireman Sam. Again. Thankfully, I will probably be at work and will not have to witness it. Otherwise, Mommy might be the one throwing the tantrum. I much prefer Bob the Builder.

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  1. Ah the mindset of our strong willed littles!


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