Move-in Day

The day I have anticipated and dreaded for over a year has arrived. My precious Dee has moved into her college dorm….sort of. She has been greatly preoccupied with other things on her agenda,  so she did not get all of her laundry done. Which basically means we made her bed, moved in a few skirts which she almost never wears, and put her laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and towels into their new homes.  While other freshmen girls were taking in baskets and baskets of things, Dee had two bags and a laundry basket.

I am grateful we will get to see her this week….she will need clean clothes at some point, and she will need to come home to get them.   It’s a good thing her college dorm is only nine miles from home.  I offered to splurge and get her a new comforter set, but the only thing she really felt she needed was  a new set of sheets. She insisted on taking her old raggedy quilt that her Grandma made for her years ago…it has needle point squares of different Strawberry Shortcake characters on the front.  It is embarassing has seen a lot of life. It is also her “blankie”…and she spread it proudly on her bed in her dorm. It made quite a juxtaposition against the zebra stripes and hot pink of her roommate’s bed. 

The up-side to having all these sisters and sharing bedrooms for all these years is that Dee will not be phased by the tiny room, the shared living space or even four girls to a bathroom. She has lived like that her whole life!

Dee was not amused by the fact that we are going on vacation this week….without her. The Handy Man had this week off from school, so we decided over a month ago to take this week and spend a few days at the beach. It just happened to be during Dee’s Welcome Week at school. She may forgive us in time for Christmas.

I think a little separation will be good for me her. It is her time to go out into the world and conquer! Or not. I cannot be the only mama out there worrying that her child will come out of college with her faith not only intact but bigger. Dee is in the pressure cooker now….at a college that was once  Christian and claims those roots, but for all practical purposes is just another liberal-leaning secular school. It wasn’t my first choice, but in the end analysis, it was the one that we could most afford, and it was her favorite. Dual-enrolling there helped that decision, I think.

Dee tends to melancholy. It is her ingrained personality….the tortured artist comes out in her music. I prayed fervently that Dee’s roommate would be another girl in love with Jesus. She needs someone who gets her.  I have not met her roommate yet, but today I found out that she is a preacher’s kid and a fellow music major. I am hoping that bodes well. Of course, being raised in a Christian home doesn’t make one a Christian any more than sitting in a garage makes one a car, but it is at least a comfort to know that there is a place of commonality there. For now, I am choosing to believe that God answered that prayer with a yes.  Either way, He has this. Dee is in His hands…has been since she was conceived and will be until the end of time.

The next few days will be a whirlwind of activity: marathon cleaning, laundry, packing. food preparations and shopping.  Lindy is coming to house and dog sit for us while we go make real sandcastles in the real sand. (Lil’ Adventurer’s distinction between the ocean beach and the lake beach…the ocean has real sand and you can make real sandcastles in it.) Next week we begin school again.

By then, I am sure, Dee will have moved all the clothing she needs into her dorm.



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