home again, home again

After spending fifteen months working outside the home, I am finally back home full time. The Handy Man is still in school, and frankly, finances are tight, but it was time for a radical step of obedience. And when the Lord asks us to do radical things, I have found it best to obey. I can say it was perfect timing for me. I think I was almost on the edge of a physical break-down. I had two Saturdays off in 15 months–one for Dee’s graduation (can you say NOT a day off?) and one for a wicked case of bronchitis I contracted in February.

I have had three stay-at-home Saturdays in a row now. I cannot claim to have made any huge headway on my house, but I did get to sleep–and that was quite a luxury! I have weeded out some old clothes–it is a really fun thing to find that the clothes you wore just a few months ago are so huge as to be indecent. (more on that later!) And I have made some lists of things to do on future Saturdays.

The last few months have been quite hectic. The Handy Man has been doing some handy man jobs in the neighborhood–enough to pay the light bill, for which I am thankful. He continues to do very well in school and will likely graduate from the program in December. Meanwhile, Dee is still off at college and makes it home every now and again. Her siblings miss her almost as much as I do. Her piano skills have improved in amazing ways, and she now thinks she wants to double major in music and history.

Star Child has been working hard–two jobs, the female lead in Fiddler on the Roof (performance in early May), all her senior year classes, and archery. She has been accepted to Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, GA, where she will be, God willing, attending on a partial archery scholarship. She has her signing day in two days. We are hopeful that the scholarship will allow her to attend college with no debt.

Gladys Mae has also been busy with our Creative Christian Co-op as well as youth group and archery. It seems like she is always spending the night with some friend or another. Next year she will be the oldest child at home.

Little Princess, Lil’ Adventurer and Curious George are the ones who most love having me back home. We read stories every night and have lots of hugs and kisses time. I missed my little people so much! It is a blessing to be back home with them again.

I have missed sharing our lives here on the blog. I have so much to share with you all–updates are coming!

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