Spring Formal

A week and a half ago, Star Child and Gladys Mae had their spring formal with the art and drama co-op to which we belong. It was a chance for the kids to all dress up and dance–not exactly a prom sort of event, but something light and fun.

Star Child has been collecting dresses for quite some time. She has the incredible talent of going into a thrift store and honing in on the best dress for the best price in the place. Somehow they always fit her, too. She has more than a dozen dresses now…all hanging in her brother’s closet because there is no more room in her closet.  The challenge was to find a dress that met all the modesty requirements. I appreciate modesty, but I am okay with spaghetti straps if the bodice is high enough. We had to get creative to make their dresses appropriate.

This dress is one of my favorites…the details on it were just beautiful. I was a little concerned about the “open” back, but I figured the shawl would cover it.





Gladys Mae is a different story. She is like me–tall and big-boned–and it can be quite challenging to find clothes that fit. A friend ended up loaning her a dress for the dance. It looked quite nice. The straps on her dress were not 3 inches wide, so we had to use a shawl for her, too.



My sister in law, her daughter and another one of our nieces came up to help the girls get ready for their dance. It had been a busy day. I had begun the day with an 8 hour commute to go get my father’s car from the dealership where we had left it to be fixed after our breakdown during our Washington trip. The girls started their day with an archery tournament, where Star Child took first place in her age division. We all met up at a birthday party for The Handy Man’s great nephew, and then the girls had their dance. I was exhausted by the time they were ready to walk out the door. They were having fun just getting ready and taking pictures…they especially enjoyed the funny pictures.


We recently bought a new-to-us 20 year old Lincoln Town Car. We let the girls drive it to the dance. They looked sweet as they drove away. I think they had a great time. I certainly enjoyed seeing them all dressed up with somewhere to go!

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