THM update

This week is the beginning of two weeks of chaos  birthdays run amok craziness.  Four birthdays, an anniversary, a graduation and a graduation party. All starting tomorrow and ending June 6th. Seven major events in ten days. Yes, I have lost my mind.

Amid the business of the next ten days, I am still planning to stick to my Trim Healthy Mama plan. Yes, it is possible to cheat on this plan, but with so many delicious options that are on plan, why would you want to?  Sunday I had a minor cross-over meal. It was mostly an S meal, but it had a few more than 10 net carbs (my chicken enchiladas with low carb tortillas and store bought green enchilada sauce.)  I still managed to lose another half pound over the weekend…although I am taking the scale with a grain of salt. I have been stalled in the same four pound range for a few weeks now. Stalls are not unusual, especially after losing significant weight. (40 pounds is still significant, no matter how much you have yet to lose!)

Here is a picture of me a few weeks ago. (eyes closed and all)



Here is a picture of me this morning. The shirt is the exact same size and cut, just a different color.  The pants are two sizes smaller.


This morning I got out my tape measure. I have not been recording my progress in inches, but I decided to go ahead and record my results thus far. The scale may be stuck at 41 pounds lost, but my measuring tape made my jaw drop!

I decided to use the measurements from the last significant  weight loss success: July 24, 2011.  I weigh just seven pounds less now than I did then, but the measuring tape is so much different!

I have lost 29.5 inches since my last smallest measurements. I measure in 14 places: upper arms (right and left),  upper chest (just under the arms), bust, ribs (the part under the bust), waist (the thinnest part of the abdomen), abdomen (belly button level), hips (hip bones), upper right and left thighs, lower right and left thighs (just above the knee), and right and left calves.  I have lost over 8 inches in the abdomen alone–both from the front (which I can clearly see) and the back where I cannot so clearly see. The Handy Man had noticed that my rear quarters were a bit slimmer, but then he should be noticing that area, right? 😉


Some losses are sad. I mourn the loss of my chest. My bras all could use a pleat or two to take in the excess fabric, but then I have been able to ditch the bra extenders for most of them. So there is a bright side. My upper chest was the other big loser, and that makes me very happy. I am not looking to wear a strapless anything–ever–BUT it would be nice to know that I could should I want to. Some women should just never wear strapless when they have that fold  of fat right there where the arm and body meet.  I am one of them, but maybe not forever.


I know my hips are smaller. This morning I put on my newest and smallest capris, and they buttoned and zipped WITHOUT the epic suck-in of the gut. In fact, I pretty much just buttoned and zipped without any effort at all. Now  that is a victory.

I have a long weigh way to go, but I am willing to walk the slow and steady road to good health. My knees have been feeling a lot better–not so much when I walk up a steep hill–but certainly they do not ache as they used to every night. I am able to distinguish hunger from other things like boredom, anger, frustration, sadness, loneliness, and depression. Sometimes I even forget to eat–and that is so strange for someone like me who used to obsess about food! THM advocates eating every 3-4 hours. There are often times when I am not hungry that soon, and then there are other days, like yesterday, when I was hungry every two hours. So I ate. The non-scale victories trump whatever the scale may or may not say.

I also wrote a reminder on my scale because sometimes I need to be reminded that it is not just about the numbers….  It says: This number does not reflect your worth. It only records a small portion of your progress. It does not dictate success, nor does it indicate failure. You are more than a number. You are a beautiful woman made in God’s image. You have the victory. Now walk in it!


I love THM. I can do this. And if I can do it, anyone can!  Here is a link to the book. I am not a paid endorser. They do not even know I exist. I just know that this book has changed the way I think about food in a way no other book (and I have read quite a few!) ever has!


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