Getting Ready for the Baby!

November was a busy month. First, came the baby shower. Our home school group threw Dee a beautiful baby shower. She received so many sweet things for her little one. Our friend Erin hosted the shower….it was so lovely. Several of the college kids came out for the shower, including Star Child, Number 6, Number 7, Number 8, and Boy 4. Dee’s best friend Katie also came by. Dee was given much good advice, her favorite coming from her littlest sister: give lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles. Both great-grandmothers were there, as was my sister, who will be a great aunt!

Erin also made this adorable cake:

Erin Cake

Once the shower was over, the Handy Man and I had to get some major room renovations finished. It did not help that the coldest temperature of the season rolled in on the days we desperately needed sheet rock mud to dry. The Handy Man hung all the sheet rock, and I learned how to apply mud. It was much trial and error….and several days of space heater and fan running…to get that blasted stuff to dry. Then the floors had to go in, and then the woodwork. The Handy Man had spent a whole day just figuring out how to get the electrical connections working again. It was frustratingly slow. In the end, the Handy Man and Gladys Mae pulled an all-nighter to get the last bits done so our friend Linda could come in and decorate.


We are so grateful to Linda. She did a FABULOUS job. She had spent weeks on Pinterest finding colors and ideas. On Friday the 14th, Dee and I went to Ikea with my parents. We had a mission: Billy Shelves, and a shelving/cabinet unit that Linda wanted for the baby changing station. We got home Friday night with all those shelves and the full size bed my mother was giving Dee, and had no where to put them because the floor was not yet finished. That night Gladys Mae and the Handy Man worked, and worked, and worked. She finally went to bed around 8 AM, and he hit the sack at about 10 Am, after having been awake for roughly 26 hours.

That Saturday, Linda came in and painted. The Handy Man still had a few electrical outlets that needed to be put back into place (anchored with the baseboard because of the shoddy way mobile homes are built.) I, meanwhile, was working in my kitchen. Thanksgiving was less than a week away, and I had SO much to do! I left for a gathering my Bible study small group was doing, and by the time I arrived back home, Linda had left. The room was painted, the trim was done (she ended up using the same white paint I am using in my kitchen), and the door was painted. (The Handy Man still had to install that, and that is on his finish list for this weekend.)  The next day Linda and the Handy man assembled Billy shelves, and Linda put the whole room together.

bed and baby bed view  bed and changing pad view

As you can see from the pictures, Linda did an amazing job. She really grasped Dee’s colors and captured her love of owls. The baby bed was provided by another friend, and a third friend purchased the crib set. There are so many personal touches that just speak to Dee’s personality and quirkiness.




alphabet letters

We turned one of the Billy shelves into the baby closet. There is also a Billy shelf inside the closet, but we may have to move it to provide more room for Dee’s clothing. Storage was a huge necessity, and since that is something that is always in short supply around here, these huge Billy shelves really fit the bill.

baby closet


Dee’s face really says it all. She kept saying over and over again, “Lovely! It’s just so lovely!”


I told Linda that we could not have pulled together a beautiful room like that. She provided so many things from her own personal budget. She transformed an ugly room into a private retreat for Dee. I am so thankful that the Lord has provided people who have loved our family and our children so well!

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