odds and ends

Life here on our mountain has been busy, as usual: homeschooling, keeping the wood stove stocked with wood, adopting stray cats we don’t need or want.  The little children have all been very sick with a nasty contagious cough, so we have basically avoided anything public for several weeks.  Sweetpea is also sick. and that makes for a miserable newborn. Dee has been nursing her around the clock, which is not so unusual for a newborn.  Sweetpea is still a remarkably good sleeper at night, for which Dee is very grateful!

Gladys Mae had her first sweetheart dance last Friday. It was co-hosted by the co-op the girls attend, and the entire ballroom dance class was asked to attend. Gladys Mae looked lovely in a long black dress she stole  borrowed out of her sister’s closet. When the sister is away at college, her wardrobe is evidently fair game.  We managed to get no pictures of the event, but she reportedly had a nice time.

In the last few weeks we have had another bout of car trouble, but this time with a happy ending.  The Toyota that Star Child currently drives had to have some major engine work done on it about a month ago. We had that done, and she had it back at school for about two weeks before it had another major meltdown. She described what happened, Boy 4 verified the symptoms, and we all thought for sure she had blown a head gasket. A blown head gasket on a car with almost 430K miles is basically a death warrant, so we were expecting the worst  when the mechanic got back to me. Miracle of miracles, he could find nothing wrong with the car. We have driven the car multiple times trying to get it to misbehave, and it seems all is quite well.

I prayed the other day, when it looked like Star Child’s car was toast, that God would provide two running vehicles for the girls. (Dee’s car is in rough shape. It needs more work than it is worth: a new muffler and transmission.) When I went to the mechanic and he said that he could find nothing wrong with Star Child’s  car, I said , “Maybe it was a divine healing.”  He laughed and said, “I’ve seen stranger things!” Meanwhile, I had called my brother in law. He said he had a car in his company shop that he felt the owner wanted to sell for cheap.  Today he called me and said that he had bought that car, he still had a few things to do to it, and that once he is finished, he is giving it to us for Star Child to drive. (There is not enough room for a car seat in the back, or Dee would get it.)  This means that Dee will get the Toyota with all the miles on it, but that is fine for now, and Star Child will get a bright yellow sporty car to drive. I sure hope I never get over the wonder of God’s provision for us!

Meanwhile, our weather yesterday gave us an ice storm. It was a nice reprieve for the children, who with their nasty coughs needed some good fresh air. They enjoyed slip-sliding on the ice. We lost power for about six hours in the middle of the night, which is not long at all for us. The Handy Man did not work yesterday as they cancelled his shift, but today he worked his full shift.

Over the past few weeks, the Handy Man has introduced the boys to Star Wars. They have watched all six movies. We are now fluent in all things R2D2, CP30, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, death star, and x-wing fighters. Star Wars has become the new obsession. The boys received light sabers for Christmas. They now know how to play with them using appropriate sound effects. They have long conversations about the Force, and dangers of succumbing to the dark side. (And, yes, there are some spiritual applications in there.) They are using Legos to build their versions of x-wing fighters and other Star Wars themed battle ships. We have even seen a death star or two. Tonight they waited for the Handy Man to come home so they could watch the Clone Wars together.

We had a neat field trip to a planetarium a few weeks ago. Lil’ Adventurer was particularly fascinated by the things he learned. He now makes it part of his nightly routine to go outside to find Mars, Orion (aka “that dude with the belt and a dog”) and other easily identifiable constellations on clear nights.  I love watching my children discover the world (and things outside of it) with wonder.

Little Princess, meanwhile, has become Sweetpea’s favorite aunt. This has caused no amount of sorrow for Aunt Lindy and Aunt Star Child who cannot be here to battle for most favorite aunt status. The vying for Most Favorite Aunt is fierce here. Sweetpea LOVES Little Princess. Sweetpea will laugh and grin for Little Princess when no one else can make her do so.

We have so much more than we deserve. The odds and ends just keep adding up to reveal incredible riches of grace.


Our driveway after the ice storm. It is ALL ice–not snow!

It's just ice

It’s just ice

And one of our road, too….and this is why we prefer to NOT drive in GA ice storms!


Star Wars meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Lego World:



My Jedi Knight:IMG_2123


A THM dinner…loaded fotato soup, cheesy almond flour muffins, and a large salad. YUM!


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