A time for everything

When I began homeschooling in 1999, there wasn’t a local homeschool group in our area. There was one in the next county over, but I quickly realized that I did not fit in there. Many of the families were very nice, and many of the other women were nice, but they were more stereo-typical homeschoolers: denim jumpers, long hair in buns, etc. As much as I aspired to be like them in the flesh, I just felt out of place.

Some time later—I am not even sure of the year at this point, but I think it was fall of 1999 or spring of 2000—I responded to a newspaper blurb about some folks trying to meet other homeschoolers in our area. I went to that meeting, and while I missed some fireworks when the different parties did not agree about what kind of group this would be, several of us who had similar ideas began to meet regularly. More time passed. Several of those original folks dropped out, and what was left was a core group of families who wanted something more organized. We started meeting weekly. Several of us attended a seminar on how to form a homeschool group.

A year went by, and we labored to create by-laws for our newly formed group. I was there with the core group, laboring over every single word and provision. It was exhausting and exhilarating all at once. We held our first election, and I was on the Board. I cannot remember my first position, but I think it was activities coordinator, or perhaps it was parent support. I did both those jobs in the early years. And then our beloved leader moved, and I was nominated as the director. I served just a few years before Little Princess came along, and I opted to resign. Another director was voted in, but the very next year, she moved, and I was once again tapped to be the director. And there I stayed for ten years.

I love my homeschool group so much. These friends have seen us through our darkest times, and I am so grateful for them. I did not want to let go. A year into The Handy Man’s unemployment, I was finally able to say to the Lord that I could let go of my group if we found a job out of town. The job out of town did not appear, but I was letting go of more and more in my life. The issue was no one wanted my job. So I continued leading–not always well, and certainly lacking some of the energy I had in the beginning.

This year I was finally able to hand the reins of my homeschool group over. We found a woman–younger than me, in a different stage of life with fewer children–and most importantly, ardently serving the Lord–who was willing to become the director of the group. We voted her in, and I was done. People have asked me if this is good or bad, and I have to shout it: GOOD!  I know the new director has fresh ideas, more energy, a desire to serve the homeschooling community with integrity and love. I am SO excited to let go of my “baby” and let it fly with a new captain at its helm. There is relief in saying that THIS job of mine is done.

As the Handy Man and I move into a different time–he will be going back to school, I will be working, and Lindy is getting married!–it feels good to shed some responsibility. God alone knows what it coming down the pike. For now, it feels good to know that my group is in good hands.

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