Painted White

The Handy Man is off at GAP, taking Little Princess (she is FINALLY old enough to go!) with him, leaving me with the boys.  I have been working to fix up our bedroom. There is actually a plan (still in my head, but a plan nonetheless) to beautify several rooms in our home, but I decided to start with our bedroom. The boys are VERY unhappy that I am not starting with THEIR room….they think it is patently unfair that they have to have pink walls. It is a valid point, but I think it is a test of their burgeoning masculinity to live with pink for a bit longer.

Our home is a house trailer–a large one (28 x 66 ft)–and as such it has those ugly strips that cover the joints in the sheet rock covering the walls. I have decided to remove them from our room, which means that I have to tape and mud all those joints. I will get to that on Saturday, perhaps, but today was the day to paint the ceiling.

My mother, who at age 72  can out-do me any day of the week, came up last week to help me strip the popcorn off the ceiling.  She did most of it, and I helped. First, we sprayed the ceiling with warm water and a few drops of Dawn (using one of those small, plastic,  pump-up, pressurized spray tanks) and then she showed me how to use a scraper and a dust pan to just scrape that nasty stuff right off.  It worked beautifully.  I had a few things to patch–places where we I gouged too hard–and the one huge place where the useless vent lived.  We covered that vent with brown packing tape 20.5 years ago when we moved in, and it had been like that since then.  (It was supposed to help moisture escape, but all it ever did was allow cold air in during the winter. )  The Handy Man has permanently covered several of them through the years, and some even got finished, but ours was still in the temporary state. No longer!

Today, I finished getting the last specks of popcorn from between the molding and the ceiling, and then I painted the ceiling white.  It feels SO GOOD to have that accomplished! I got paint on my ceiling fan, but since I am either going to replace the fan or spray paint it, that does not seem like such a big deal.

Here’s the thing. Even though I have patched the ceiling and sanded it, and even though it is now a clean white…it still has scars.  I will have to go back and re-mud a few places and then re-sand and then re-paint. The major renovation is DONE.  The OLD has been removed, and the new is in place, but it will still need some fixing.

My ceiling is a picture of what it is like to be a Christian. Before Jesus, I was like my old ceiling…made for a purpose, but defiled by the world and even by my own design.  My ceiling had collected spider webs and was stained by dust and dirt that would never come off until I stripped it completely. And that is what Jesus did for me. He completely stripped all the sinful yuck out of me…He made me new.  And just as I have to go back now and then to dust my ceiling, maybe even patch it, He continues his work in me. It is called sanctification, this work He is doing in me.

That sanctification process is long–life long, to be exact. He has taken the Handy Man and me down some really twisty roads, places we would have NEVER chosen to go, in order to show us things we would not have learned on the easy path. We have so far to go…in our marriage, in ourselves.  And yet, Jesus has brought us so very far.  It is easy to forget at times that I am indeed a new creature. I have been stripped and repainted and made something beautiful, from the inside out, not just on the surface.

I still have the rest of our room to finish. So much still to do. Walls to mud, holes to fix, primer, then paint.  I have plans to get rid of our huge, bulky bed and replace the frame with something sleek and lower to the ground. (Neither the Handy Man nor I can get in or out of bed without some care.)  I want to put the bed back in front of the other window, and if he will let me, trade the Handy Man’s bulky chifferobe for something more efficient. (He is not likely to let me do that, but we will see.)  I am even attempting to figure out how to move my roll top desk, which I love,  back into the living room. (That will take a complete closet remodel, so that is not likely to happen this year, but I am not going to stop dreaming!)   Today, I will clean up the paint, vacuum up all the spiders that were hiding behind my bed, and finish cleaning up a bit, all in anticipation of finishing walls over the weekend and into next week.

But tonight, when I look up at my ceiling, I will see the clean, white surface and be reminded that I am new, too.

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