Instant Gratification

I could not wait until the project was done…I just had to share with you the progress in my room.  I have been mudding and sanding walls all day….between checking emails and packaging up the curriculum I am selling on Ebay. (I have sold five of my groups of items, so, YAY me!)

When people find out I home educate my kids, they generally assume I have a lot of patience. “Oh, I could never do that! I don’t have the patience!” “You must have SO MUCH patience!”  Uh, not quite. God has grown me in the area of patience, but I would not call myself a patient person. There are few precious times when teaching my children that I have seen an idea or concept click…it usually happens out of my sight while they are doing the assignment or something else altogether. But sometimes, the AH-HA moment happens right there, and then, I experience instant gratification. But for the most part, no matter how I might long to see it, I have to be content knowing that those pieces are being put together and those ideas are being assimilated because I see the evidence, even if I don’t see that actual moment.

Fixing my room has been a bit like that. I see the evidence–in my dust covered everything (including me and my glasses–perhaps THAT is why I can’t see anything!) and in the evidence born by my screaming wrists and aching back. It is still a mess, but each layer of mud, each bout of sanding is bringing me closer to the goal.

I decided I was NOT going to move my desk one more time. It is currently in several pieces around my bed, with the heavy roll top sitting ON my bed. That has to be moved if I wish to sleep tonight.  I decided to focus on that wall and get it done first so I could get the paint on it. So, while the rest of the room is still a gigantic mess, that wall where the desk sits is looking good!

Instant gratification. So much further to go, but I can see the glimpse.  Do you want to see it, too? Yeah, I thought you might….

The Handy Man got me….so I got him


Progress!!   I only did a little over half the wall because that seam behind the bookcase needs re-doing.  But at least the desk has somewhere to go tonight!  Those lighter patches are still wet….but I LOVE that color. I am hoping it will help make our bedroom a restful place. It only took 21 years for me to get my room painted.

Another note of instant gratification…well, as instant as it gets with this sort of thing….7 pounds down in twelve days. I will take it!

So, there you have it…a-not-quite-done update. I hope to come back to you in a few days with pics of a finished room.   Stay tuned…..



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